Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

Summary from Amazon:

How Sweet it is?

Jane Roberts was the average girl next door until she and her best friend, Scarlett Harp, landed their own reality show, L.A. Candy. Now the girls have an all-access pass to Hollywood's hottest everything. But there's more to life on camera than just parties and shopping. . . .

When racy photos of Jane are leaked to the press, she finds herself at the center of a tabloid scandal. She turns to her co-star Madison Parker for help, unaware that Madison is scheming behind the scenes. She might be Jane's shoulder to cry on, but does Madison really have Jane's back?

Scarlett's working on a scandal of her own. She's fallen for someone who's strictly off-limits—which means Scarlett has a big secret to keep . . . from the L.A. Candy cameras, the paparazzi staking out her apartment, even from her best friend.

Of course, nothing stays secret for long for the stars of the newest hit TV series, and all this drama couldn't be better for ratings. But can Jane survive another season in the spotlight?

In television star Lauren Conrad's dishy, entertaining novel about young Hollywood, the lies are only as sweet as the people tell-ing them.


Everyone has guilty pleasures and The L.A. Candy series is one of mine. Since while it doesn’t make you think too much or look beneath the surface, it's easy to get lost in Scarlet and Jane's crazy and scandalous reality TV world for a few hours.

Jane for the most part is a very naive character because of the fact that she's so easy to trust and stick with people she truly shouldn't. Though even with that flaw in character, I still found her to be somewhat likable. My favorite character out of all the girls, though, would have to be Scarlet because she's hands down the most real out of all of them. And I loved the forbidden romance she had going in Sweet Little Lies. Oh, what I'd do to have my own Liam. :)

The plot in Sweet Little Lies runs heavily on scandals, secrets, and lies leaving it to be one fast paced tale that constantly leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next: Will Jane and Braden end up together? Will Liam and Scarlet get a happy ending? Well that witch Madison ever reach her demise? And while I do admit to sometimes wondering if Lauren would have had not only all the sucess she's had with this series let alone a book deal if she wasn't a celebrity, I'm okay with it because what else can you really do?

In all, Sweet Little Lies isn't the most amazing book out there, but I still do like it and the entertainment it provides. And I will be reading the final concussion to the series coming in October because I'm curious to see what happens next.

Grade: C

Sweet Little Lies is now out!

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  1. People mention this book all the time. But I'm so hesitant on reading it. Thanks for the honest review!!

  2. I keep seeing it in the bookstore too, but I just can't bring myself to buy it.

  3. I don't think I'd like these, if I'm honest. There's something about 'celebrities' writing books that I don't like! Cheers for the review.

  4. C ... I haven't read this one yet but I might this summer on a beach somewhere!

  5. I'm really enjoying this book too, even though I agree it's not necessarily very good. It is enjoyable and fun.

  6. I've been thinking about picking up this series! I might have to do it, soon!

  7. it was really good..im on the second book and cant stop myself from putting it down.

  8. I liked it as an easy read to pass time... definitely not deep. But relaxing like TV time!


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