Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Lane and Vivi have hit the last straw when their friend, Izzy, boyfriend, the infamous Shawn Litting, has broken up with her again. Also, if that can not be worse enough he did it right before the prom. This event leaves their friend a complete and utter mess because she loves Shawn and has dreamed about going to the prom since she was in elementary school. Hating seeing there friend like this Lane and Vivi decide to make up a boyfriend to take the place of Shawn on MySpace. After a few keystrokes, they have the perfect boyfriend for Izzy, though they only wish he was real. They then began to create a budding relationship between “Brandon” and Izzy online with the help of Vivi’s brother Marshall doing the talking. It’s all going perfect until Shawn decides he want’s Izzy back, which causes the friends to have to find a guy to take the role of playing Brandon. This is where the cute and nerdy Jonathon comes in leaving Vivi to fall for him. Even though Vivi knows this is the worst possible thing that could happen.

Fake Boyfriend reads like one of those reality shows where the some girl’s friends try to make their friend forgot about there awful boyfriend and choose from the guys her friends pick out for her. This book is different in the sense of the author having the friends create a fake boyfriend. Which I thought was an awesome and cool thing to do. At times this book could be cute and witty but it could drag on for times, which was annoying. Also, I was surprised when Vivi started to like Jonathon and how the book ended which put it up higher in my ranks. Anyway, I enjoyed this book and can’t wait for another standalone by Kate Brian.

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