Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aislinn has “the sight” otherwise know as being able to see fairies. There is three rules to having this talent which Aislinn must follow because if she doesn’t want to end up like her mother or the others who have come before: dead.

Rule Number 1: Don’t stare at invisible fairies.
Aislinn has always seen this rule as being hard. Since, how can she go on with her life if she sees the disgusting things fairies do to humans such as touch them or hit them. Also, seeing them is like admitting to herself that their really there and she can’t possible do anything about it except blind herself, which she could never do since the fairies would always be sharp in her memory.

Rule Number 2: Don’t speak to invisible fairies.
This rule is getting more tempting to disobey as fairies begin to stalk and ask questions that she is afraid to answer. So, as they begin to circle her and whisper about her, how can she not scream for them to stop.

Rule Number 3: Don’t ever attract their attention.
This rule is basically put to an end when she does attract their attention with their kings. Now, a mysterious and extremely attractive guy named Keenan is following her and attempting to talk to her. He has the crazy idea that she is the Summer Queen and that she will put an end to the haunting coldness on earth.

As the book goes on how can Aislinn possibly follow the rules with the fairies looming over her with intrigue and interest? Will the wall she put between her and the fairies come down when they find out her secret? Will everything she has- her loving grandmother, her best friend, Seth, her everything-come to a halt with Keenan’s interest in her?

Wicked Lovely was simply a lovely and interesting look at the world of a girl who has a secret that she wishes she doesn’t have. How Aislinn dealt with all the fairies was very believable. The whole fairy world, though, was the thing that made me love this book the most. The interactions between Dona and Keenan where funny though at the same heart breaking which made me sad of how Dona didn’t turn out to be the one. Also, the relationship between Aislinn and Seth was cute and real. The only thing that made me dislike this book was how predictable the ending was.

I can’t wait to read more by Melissa Marr and I hope she continues with more stories about the faeries interesting world.



  1. i've been wanting to read this. faeries are cool. :)

  2. I absolutely loved this book. I know it was one of the first "darker" books that I read, but it totally got me hooked!! Have you read Ink Spell yet?

  3. It was one of my first "darker" books ,too. I haven’t read Ink Spell yet but I really want to. I just checked it out at the library yesterday.

  4. I couldn't seem to get into this book. I should give it another shot soon.


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