Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag


PJ: Penelope Jane's fluent French come from being raised near the Canadian border, yet now this trouble, stunning waif will used it to escape her past forever.

Olivia: She may be a born dancer, destined for success. But that doesn't mean scholarship-worthy grade and long distance boyfriends are easy. What's that saying about best-laid plans?

Alex: With a tough-love New Yorker mom and absentee dad, this snarky Fashionista is anyhting but innocent. While seducing the guy of the moment, she could be in for the worst fall of her life.

Zack: Now that he's away from his conservative Southern upbringing, lovable, handsome Zack can have almost anything he wants in Paris. But what if what he wants most is.... Another boy? (from back of ARC)


Beautiful Americans
had a mix of romance, friendship, and secrets. Lucy's writing in this book was extremely well done in the way the book just pulled you right in at the first chapter. Also, Lucy slowly told the secrets of Zack, PJ, Alex, and Olivia instead of just telling everything in the very first chapter. So, I was constantly wondering what was going to happen and guessing everyone's dirty little secrets.

Beautiful Americans characters where three-dimensional in the way that you could feel what they were going through. Also, all of the characters stories are told in alternating first person chapters which I liked and didn't like. I liked it in the way you never got bored with the characters and how you got to see that they weren't as shallow as you would think, but didn't in the way that someones story would be interesting. Though, then it was the next character's turn leaving me wondering what happened in the end.

Overall, I thought this book was excellent. The ending left a bit to wanted, though all the problems will probably be resolved in the next book which comes out in September. ( Isn't that a long way away?)

Grade: A-

Beautiful Americans comes out January 8, 2009. You can preorder it here.

* Much thanks to Jillian for sending me a copy!


  1. I keep seeing this book everywhere I turn. And of course, all the reviews say that the book is great!

    Glad you liked it. You always have the best books!

  2. Definitely excited to read this book! And is it just me or does that boy on the end totally have Zac Efron hair?

  3. Alea: Yeah, he does look like he has Zac Efron's hair. That's one of the things I first noticed when I saw the cover.

    Shalonda: Thanks for the comment! You have great books featured on your blog,too.

  4. Haha same here! And I feel like he would wear that shirt too! They just should have used Zac Efron... :P

  5. Alea: Yeah, he probably would! They probably just used this guy becase Zac was to expensive for them. lol


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