Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman


What if the boy who took your breath away was the one who could help you breathe?

Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina town working at the library and lying in a hammock reading her beloved romance novels. But then she meets Jackson. Once they lock eyes, she’s convinced he’s the one—her true love, her soul mate, a boy different from all the rest. And at first it looks like Savannah is right. Jackson abides by her mama’s strict rules, and stays by her side during a hospitalization for severe asthma, which Savannah becomes convinced is only improving because Jackson is there. But when he’s called away to help his family—and seems uncertain about returning—Savannah has to learn to breathe on her own, both literally and figuratively.
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You know a book is going to be fabulous when it's tag line is "What if the boy who took your breath away was the one who could help you breathe?" Luckily, Breathing was that and even more.

The whole plot and problems in Breathing were extremely basic and sometimes predictable. Though, it felt like Cheryl Renne Herbsman just added a whole new feeling to it because of the southern charm and the interesting characters. Savannah was defiantly one of my favorites because, for one, she loved books and lived in an small town just like me. Though, I felt that Savannah could get a bit annoying at times because of her wining over Jackson not visiting and how he didn't care about her anymore. Also, other characters like Jackson and Dog were great adds and ,once again, fun to read about.

Cheryl's writing in this was probably my favorite part of the story, though. Since, I loved how she would spice up the writing with southern slang words. Also, she just made the characters jump off the page from the start.

Once again, a 2009 Debutante has proved that she has talent and has great potential in the writing business. I'm really looking forward to reading more by Cheryl. I highly suggest you go pick up Breathing when it's released on April 16.

Grade: A-

Breathing will be released on April 16 in Hardcover. You can find out more about it here. Also, be sure to check out Cheryl's website and blog.


  1. I am DYING to read this one. They only had ONE copy of it at the Texas Library conference this last weekend and it got snatched up the second it went on sale.

    Your review made me even more antsy to get a copy of it!

  2. Oh this looks like such a great book!

  3. I've been anxiously awaiting my tun with this ARC! Sounds like everything I'm expecting and more from an amazing writer like Cheryl.

    The Debs just make me feel so proud to be part of such a talented group of writers!

  4. It looks really good! I might have to read this one.

  5. I really like the tag line, it just makes you wanna grab the book and read it right away.

  6. It really does sound brilliant. Thanks for the review!

  7. This book in next in my TBR pile. great review :)

  8. Thanks for the fantastic review! You said Cheryl's writing is the best part of this book, so is it told entirely from her perspective or does the narrator change?


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