Quick Q and A's with Reggie From The Undercover Book Lover ( Not Really!)

Reggie is the toatally awesome person behind The Undercover Book Lover which is an amazing blog if I do say so myself! :) Anyway, here's the Quick Q and A's post.


1) What lead you to start your blog, The Undercover Book Lover?

I saw a blog called A Garden of Book when I was surfing online one day and what I saw, shocked me! I never knew something like this existed! I love being a book blogger!

2) One thing that really catches my eye about your blog is the name which leaves to wonder how you came to choose it.

Haha! The Undercover Book Lover is actually pure irony. Most people who know me, know that I love books. That's all I get from everyone! For Christmas, everyone gives me books or gift certificates for bookstores...I love it!

3) Is there anything that makes your blog different from the usual YA blog? If so, in what ways?

Well, the titles of the features are one thing. I like tinkering around with the titles. Another thing is my review system. It's probably the most complicated one...hehe

4) What had your reaction to the blogging community been like so far?

It is UH-MAZE-TASTIC!!! Seriously! Everyone is sooooo nice and friendly! That's what I love most about blogging...meeting new people!

5) If you had to go to a desert island and you could only pick three books which ones would they be? Why?

I would pick Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles (even though I haven't read it yet), A book on survivng a desert island (totally original right? LOL!), and Hush, Hush (I can't wait to read this!)

6) Do you have any advice for other young adults or even adults who would like to start their own blog?

DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT! Don't do it for free books...sure it's a fantastic plus, but don't make it your sole motivation for starting one...for me, it's kind of abusing your power as a blogger.

7) What would your idea of prefect day be like?

My subtitle under my blog is Rainy Days + Caramel Macchiato + Books + Oreos = My Life (I wish!) That is how I want my days! Haha...unfortunately, it's filled with homework and stress right now...oh, well, that's school!

8) Can you list three random things about yourself?

If I could re-name myself, I'd pick Ava. (I have no clue why!)
I'm writing a 60, 000 word novel...I'm currently half way done! (30, 000)
I can do a split! (seriously! it's completely true!)

9) Is there anything else you would like to add?

YES! Thanks so much to all my followers and........LAUREN!!!!!!!! You guys are DA best!!!!!


Why thank you! :) Anyway, what are you all waiting for, go check out Reggie's blog now!


  1. Merci beaucoup!!! LOL! Thanks again for having me!!!!! I feel so special! LOL!


  2. LOVE you choice of taking Perfect Chemistry with you to an island. That book was amazing and one of my fav. You should read it.

    That's exactly what my family started getting me for Christmass. It saves me money! LOL! I have to right a list of books that I already have so I don't get 2nd copies.

    Great interview! I follow her blog already and love it.


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