A Fantastic New Opportunity for International Bloggers!

Two of my blogger friends, Mavie (The Bookologist) and Reggie (The Undercover Book Lover) have opened up a new ARC tour site. Though, this tour site will specifically be dedicated to getting much anticipated books out to international book bloggers.

To check it out, head over this way. They already have two tours posted for two awesome books, Sing Me To Sleep and Forget-Her-Nots.


Look at the lovely winterwonderland that is surrounding my house:

You know I always think I love snow.... until stuff like this happens. Then I get annoyed and angry with it because of the fact that I can't go anywhere. Yeah, nowhere. I'm basically snowed in right now and probably will be all day tomorrow because of all the lovely severe winter adversaries the county I live is getting (We are now in a state of emergency which is just fun, fun, fun with a capital F), the interstates are starting to get closed by the governer of PA, and we're supposed to get about 15 inches by the end of this. :(

Though, the one good thing that comes from this all, is that I get to read for once. I actually just finished a really great book called Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter. It was a really adorable read, and my review shall be coming next week, I think.

So, what about you all? Are any of you also facing this winter storm?


  1. Thanks so much for posting about this Lauren!

  2. Gosh that's a lot of snow!!! Luckily, I'm in sunny California but my sister is in Virginia and the snow storm led to a tree falling on her car! Yikes! But it sure is pretty :)

  3. Ugh... I hate snow! Those are really pretty pictures though. I'm in sunny Cali. right now and it's 65 degrees, so yay for that! Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading your review.

  4. I love snow if I am not in it.LOL Those are beautiful pics. Here in middle GA about 45 and windy. Earlier the wind was very strong but now just brisk.

  5. Holy crap that is alot of snow! I've never seen snow in person. Born and raised in Florida. I would love to see snow one day, but maybe not that much :)
    I'm you at least get to read!

  6. Such pretty pictures! And, yep, over here we have almost 4 feet of snow. Our school has been canceled since early last Friday, and it's going to remain cancelled for the rest of the week, hehe. Yay reading! And we're supposed to have more snow next Monday too. P:

  7. I'm in NY and I've gotten enough snow to make going to work uncomfortable but not enough to use as an excuse to stay home lol. So I'm hoping for lots more snow to keep me in!


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