A Winner and Other News!

Hi everyone!

I have a giveaway winner announcement for you all today as well as some YA book related info to pass on. So without a further ado...


The winner of the Readable Classics giveaway is:


Congrats Tara! You should be getting the book you requested soon if you haven't already received it.


Next, on the agenda: the trailer for the book-to-movie adaption I Am Number 4 was released recently:

While this book and its author(s) have not gotten the best press, I'm still curious about the movie.


Also, ReadingGroupGuides.com is compiling a list from book clubs of The 2010 Most Discussed Books of the Year, and with that they are asking you "What did your book club read in 2010?"

Here's some more info about it:

"To gauge the year's most popular book club picks, ReadingGroupGuides.com is asking book club members to share the books that their groups read each month in 2010. Groups who submit their lists are automatically entered in a contest to win 12 copies of one of the 33 featured titles we are giving away, which include both recently published titles and upcoming 2011 books. You can see the list of prize titles here. The 2010 Most Discussed Books of the Year feature and contest will be open through January 31, 2011.

If you are in a book club, we'd love to get your feedback with your 2010 picks. You can enter them here:


Hope you all have a great Saturday! :)


  1. My god, this movie looks amazing. So excited!

  2. I am SO excited for I Am Number Four! I can't wait to see it on the big screen!


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