Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund

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With a past too terrible to speak of, and a bleak, lonely future ahead of her, Aerin Renning is shocked to find she has earned a place at the most exclusive school in the universe. Aerin excels at Academy 7 in all but debate, where Dane Madousin—son of one of the most powerful men in the Alliance— consistently outtalks her. Fortunately Aerin consistently outwits him at sparring. They are at the top of their class until Dane jeopardizes everything and Aerin is unintentionally dragged down with him. When the pair is given a joint punishment, an unexpected friendship—and romance—begins to form. But Dane and Aerin both harbor dangerous secrets, and the two are linked in ways neither of them could ever have imagined...


Romantic, fast paced, and told in a unique and fascinating voice you can't help but get lost in, Academy 7 managed to work its way not only into my heart but also on to my favorite books of all time list.

Academy 7 tells the story of Aerin Renning and Dane Madousin, two drastically different teens thrust into the lush and opulent world of Academy 7- a boarding school like no other. Aerin and Dane both view Academy 7 differently. For Aerin, Academy 7 means getting the chance at life she could only dream of; a life that may just be promising and fulfilling, For Dane, it's another way to rebel against his strict, no nonsense farther, who never wanted his son to attend such a school. And even though Dane and Aerin on opposite paths, they still end up in each other's ways when several secrets coming spinning out of the wood work. But will they be able to overcome these long hidden away secrets, or will they let them take the best of them? And when forced to help each other, will they begin to fall for one another in a way the couldn't have possibly ever imagined? Only time will tell in this richly told romantic fantasy of two teens paths to finding out who they are among a world filled with people who want to ruin them once and for all.

My favorite aspect of Academy 7 would have to be Aerin and Dane, no doubt about. Because not only did I come to love them as individual people, but together they formed a bond I couldn't help but find admirable and interesting. Aerin, for one, was a girl who has never had the easy life full of riches Dane has but that has never stopped her for fighting for what she wants, no matter what the case, and I found that likable about her.  Dane, on the other hand, is the typical "bad" boy with the heart of gold, but I didn't let the cliche get me down one bit. And while they are polar opposites, Aerin and Dane manage to find refugee in each other and eventually develop a sort of romance between them, but don't think that this book is just about romance, because it isn't at all.

For instance, the core of this book is filled with deep dark secrets, and not only did those secrets manage to be intriguing and spellbinding but it also lead to this book being un-put-down-able- a book I easily read in one sitting because I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Better yet, I loved the world Anne Osterlund created within this book. I loved the idea of the different planets and how they each had their own purpose so to say, and when mixed together with the secrets, it became one epic plot line. Though, I have to say, I really would love if Anne did another book in this world to further explain a few more things about it...

Lush and fascinating, Academy 7 is a book I highly, highly suggest you all pick up, because in all honesty I couldn't ask for a better fantasy type read.

Grade: A+

Academy 7 is now out!

Source: Author. Thanks Anne!


  1. Hi, very nice review - well-written. I’m a new follower from Edge of Escape . Please stop by, I’d love to have your book-savvy opinion of my site.

  2. Great review-I read this recently and just adored it. Have you read Osterlund's Aurelia? I didn't like it as much as Academy 7 but it's still pretty good.

  3. I really enjoyed this book! I loved how there were so many mysteries and when they were all explained at the end, it made so much sense. That and all the creativity put into the world of the book too. Wonderful review!

  4. Ooh, this book is going on my must read list. Thanks! :)

  5. I've had this and Anne's other books in my TBR for awhile. This sounds fantastic! Great review :)


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