Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Summary/Cover Image from Publisher's Website:
Ninety-five days, and then I’ll be safe. 
I wonder whether the procedure will hurt. 
I want to get it over with. 
It’s hard to be patient. 
It’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured, though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yet.
Still, I worry. 
They say that in the old days, love drove people to madness. 
The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t.

Lauren Oliver astonished readers with her stunning debut, Before I Fall. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly called it “raw, emotional, and, at times, beautiful. An end as brave as it is heartbreaking.” Her much-awaited second novel fulfills her promise as an exceptionally talented and versatile writer.

Last year I read Lauren Oliver’s magnificent and breathtaking debut novel, Before I Fall, and this year yet another Oliver book has fully captivated me. This time it was Delirium, a new addition to dystopian lit. Fascinating, intense, and romantic, Delirium is a book you simply cannot miss.

Delirium takes place in a startling future, one where love does not exist past your eighteenth birthday, as not only is love now a horrifying disease, but also one that must be removed no matter what the consequence. For Lena, this has never been a big deal. She actually eagerly anticipates the time in which she will have the procedure, counting down the days. However, everything changes when she meets Alex. With Alex, she begins to live, see a new way of life, and most importantly, she starts to fall in love. However, with the day of her procedure coming closer and closer, Lena knows she has to think of a way to save herself and keep Alex. However, will she be able to do both before time runs out? Only time and more pages can tell in this fast-paced and addicting new addition to YA.

The one thing I always love about Lauren’s books is the way she not only completely fleshes out her characters, but also allows them to grow and evolve as time goes on. At first, Lena is somewhat like a zombie, following the government’s way of living with little question or outburst. However, once the book starts going and she meets Alex, she begins to come alive. She starts to question life, love, and happiness, and most importantly, she becomes fierce and a fighter.

The plot in this book was great. Lauren brought Lena’s world to life through her descriptions and characters, and most importantly, she did a good job of fleshing out the bond between Lena and Alex. While Lena and Alex’s romance does play an important in the book, my favorite of their relationship was how it not only allowed for them to see new ways of live in some ways, but the question it also arises throughout the book about love and happiness and the risks you take. I also enjoyed reading about Lena’s friendship with Hana, her best friend, as well as the tensions and twists that arrived with her mother’s death. It all caused for lots of tension as well as twists and turns.

Oliver’s writing was also great, as alluded to above. Just like with Before I Fall, she allowed for the story to come alive. Lastly, while the ending was sad and shocking, it was a great turn and I look forward to seeing what will occur next.

Memorizing, enthralling, and full of characters you cannot help but adore and root for, Delirium is a fabulous second novel- one that leaves me even more eager to read more by Oliver in the future.

Grade: A- 

Delirium is now available! The special addition (with the cover shown above) will be released August 2, 2011!

Source: Publisher via Netgalley- thanks HarperTeen/Netgalley!


  1. Great review! I was on the fence as to whether I should read this or not, but now I will definitely be going to pick it up soon!

  2. Awesome! I have to buy the SE cover!! it's so pretty ;)

  3. yes, i agree awesome. hey, this pretty cover version makes the story seem lighter fluffy story rather than what it is.

  4. I just finished reading and reviewing Delirium as well and I absolutely loved it. The ending was sad and so shocking, I can't wait to find out what happens next. I am glad you enjoyed it as well! Great review :)

  5. I completely agree, Lauren Oliver is wonderful at fleshing out her characters...they always manage to grow by the end!

    Fantastic review, Lauren! :)


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