Blog Tour: The Familiars: Circle of Heroes

As part of the blog tour for Circle of Heroes, the latest addition in the Familiars series, Adam and Andrew are here today to talk about heroes. So without a further ado...

With the release of the third book in The Familiars series, The Familiars - Circle of Heroes, we are stopping by some of our favorite blogs discussing all things heroes. We all have heroes in our own lives, but that doesn't stop us from looking up to fictional ones, too, characters who allow us to fantasize the limits of what's possible.

In 5th grade, Adam's dad, eager to pull him away from reading only "Dungeons and Dragons" manuals, introduced him to Piers Anthony's "A Spell for Chameleon." Up until that book, all the fictional heroes that Adam looked up to he created himself. But he immediately fell in love with the character Bink, who lived in a world (Xanth) where everybody had their own magical talent except for him. It was not until the end of his incredible mission to save the land that he discovered what his true talent was. That special character was always an inspiration to Adam to try harder and find something special in himself. It also influenced the personal journey Aldwyn would go on in The Familiars.

Andrew grew up playing shows with his Star Wars action figures. Naturally, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were the heroes of his made-up stories, battling Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers. These characters were easy to live vicariously through, as they went on daring intergalactic adventures, bravely fending off evil threats to the world. Andrew didn't even like to fly on airplanes. But if he closed his eyes and imagined himself traveling to a galaxy far, far way, it was just a little bit easier.

We want you to send in stories about your own heroes, the real people who have had an impact on your life. Parents, grandparents, teachers, or friends. We'll be featuring them on our blog, our Twitter feeds, and our Facebook page. We want to know who's in your Circle of Heroes. The ones voted the most inspirational will win a signed copy of book #3. Send them in to thefamiliarsbook@gmail.com!
The Familiars - Circle of Heroes will be on-line and in bookstores everywhere September 4th.

Adam and Andrew

Thanks for stopping by, Adam and Andrew! To find out more about the series and its authors, head on over here.

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