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Title: Macon 
Author: Marie James
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Macon:
Tossing a middle finger to Macon, Georgia as I made my way to Nashville was always the dream. Sing country music, go on tour, top the charts—with my popularity growing every day, I was on my way. But then a gust of wind blew up your skirt, and those white cotton panties had me hooked. I didn’t know your name, and you turned down every attempt I tried to throw your way. But I knew you were different, even though you told me I was the same. “Friends” is what you offered, and I played by your rules, but, Adelaide Hatfield, you have to know, from that day, it was only you. I just hope I can make you see how much you mean to me before we both drown in the sorrow of what heartbreak can truly be.  


I'll let you guys in on one of my secrets: I LOVE country music! It's my go-to homework/studying/general I'm-so-stressed-out music, because for some reason it always manages to calm me down. Therefore, when I caught wind that Marie James's Macon involved a rising country music signer falling in love, I was SOLD, saying 'gimme gimme!' 

The result? Macon was a flirty & romance filled read; however, there were unfortunately some aspects that held me back from completely loving it.   

Macon was told in the alternating POVs of Axton and Adelaide.

Axton was the typical troubled musician, tending to always focus more on the perks of fame - the women, the meaningless hook-ups, and the alcohol - rather than continuing to build up his career. I think the best phrase to describe Axton would be troubled and somewhat complex. One part of me really liked Axton. He was funny, charming, and just the right combination of sweet and sour. However, what held me back from completely loving him was how often he would put the "important" parts of his life - developing something with Adelaide, listening to his manger/best friend's advice with an open ear, and using his talent to make kick-a$$ music - on the back burner and instead focusing on destructive behavior. While Axton did come to have a new view and attitude on life by the end and redeem himself in most respects, it still was slightly frustrating to see this downward spiral occur as a reader. 

Adelaide, on the other hand, is focused on being a serious student and a good daughter. It hasn't been easy for her to live up to her parents' s wishes at times, especially since her dad is a pastor, but she's always tried her hardest. I liked Adelaide from the start. I found it easy to relate to her need to work hard, and I feel that anyone will be able to relate to conflict between making the people who love her proud while also making herself happy in the process. I also loved the sister dynamic she brought to the table. Watching Adelaide and her sisters interact was one of my favorite parts of the book - some parts of me wishes we would have seen more of them, especially regarding that one pivotal point/surprise in the book - but I was still happy with what we got. However, there was one thing that got on my nerves about Adelaide: her incredibly high expectations for Axton. Okay, I understood that she was afraid about him being a player (I mean, we've all been there before with a potential love interest) but you can't expect him not to pursue other women when you're not even dating him/talking to him and always telling him that it will never work and then proceed to get mad when you find out that he is...it just doesn't work that way!!  Basically, it just made me incredibly frustrated at times... 

The plot of this book mostly revolved around Adelaide and Axton's budding romance and their respective lives. I enjoyed how Marie gave us a little of both worlds: romance and character development not involving romance. The parts involving Axton's career always managed to gain my interest, and as I've said before, I loved seeing the dynamic that Adelaide's sisters and parents brought to the table, especially regarding her parent's "ideal man" for Adelaide. The romance in this was touch-and-go for me. Sometimes I really liked it, but other times, it left me feeling frustrated for some of the reasons I've discussed above. But overall, it had some good steam and some great moments of funny banter. 

While Marie Jame's Macon brought about a few frustrations in me, I still liked it overall. The country music angle was again fun, and for the most part, I could usually get past the characters more frustrating habits/characteristics. 

And for the timeless question? Will I check out this author's books again? Yes, definitely! 

Grade: B- 

Source: eARC provided by publicist for blog tour

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About the Author:

Marie James is a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 13 years. She's spent almost her entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. She's always wanted to write novels and currently has 16 titles under her belt. Her passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.  

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  1. How have I not seen this one?!?! It sounds really good and I like Adelaide and Axton's chemistry, even if she was a little irritating about his whole other women thing. I'd probably be yelling, "just give into him already!" Great review!

  2. Macon sounds like a good read. Thank you


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