Review: Twice as Wicked (A Wicked Secrets novel, #1) by Elizabeth Bright

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Miss Alice Bursnell is determined to wreak revenge on Nathaniel Eastwood, Viscount Abingdon, for the seduction, ruin, and death of her beloved twin sister. But how to expose a seducer without falling prey herself? As she gets closer to Nathaniel, she finds she is in serious danger of following in her sister’s much-too-tempted footsteps. The man is nothing like the heartless rake she expected...and his kisses are truly divine. Could she be wrong about him? 
When a mysterious and gorgeous woman confronts Nathaniel at a fancy ball, he suspects she has murder on her mind—his own. But the more he tries to determine who the deceptively innocent beauty is—and what she’s up to—the deeper he falls under her alluring spell. Nathaniel fears he’s in imminent danger of losing his life...or worse, his heart.

Twice as Wicked's stunning cover is what originally caught my attention. There's just something I always love about pretty dresses, especially when they're red. Then I read the summery and was even more sold. A tale of historical romance featuring revenge, viscounts, and twins?! My romance loving heart was rapidly beating. 

The Result? Suspenseful, witty, and romantic, Twice as Wicked isn't a book you can read over a few days; instead, it's a read that calls to be read in one big swoop! 

I don't know about you all, but I love a blunt, outspoken main character, and as it turns out, Alice was just that. From the first page, I fell in love with her voice. I loved her observations about society, how she always managed to say the wrong thing at the very wrong time, and how she would much rather be in the country than in the bustling city streets. Quite simply, she had a heck of a lot of spunk, and boy, was it admirable. The aspect that truly made her character come alive, however, was her bond with her twin sister. I respected her need to seek revenge for her sister, and while at times I couldn't believe the harm she would put herself in to complete it, I could understand. Her heart was broken, and the only way she thought she could fix it was by breaking, or more accurately destroying, someone else's heart. 

Nathaniel, on the other hand, was a man of few words - not because he didn't have a lot to say but he didn't quite know how to get it all out in public settings. I found Nathaniel's awkwardness endearing and heartwarming. I especially loved the dynamic that came into play between him and his popular, playboy best friend - they were such opposites yet they completed each other so well. Similar to Alice, Nathaniel's life was run by his brother. Unlike Alice, he wasn't close to his brother; instead, he was scared, often choosing to run the other way. I thought Elizabeth did a great job of presenting Nathaniel's mixed feelings over his brother. It was a complicated situation to say the least, and I could understand why no matter how much he wanted to accept his brother into the fold again, it was also a hard thing to do. 

The plot in this focused on two of my favorite things - revenge and romance. It was fun to see Alice's relationship with Nathaniel form first on revenge basis and then develop into something more. At first, she's so adamantly against him being a good person; however, as the book progresses, she began to see there's more to him than meets the eye - sometimes unwillingly but still she saw it. The romance between them also had a lot of chemistry and developed at a good pace. It felt realistic, and I especially loved the amount of adorable awkwardness that came because of it. Alice and Nathanial always found themselves in some hairy situations, and while I'm sure they were turning 500 shades of red, I was always laughing my head off. The revenge was also well done. 

The only aspect I didn't like about Twice as Wicked was the ending. It seemed rather rushed; however,  regarding the overall result, I was quite happy. 

In all, Twice as Wicked is a fun, fast-paced adventure about revenge, evil twins, and romance. This may be my first book by Elizabeth Bright but it certainly won't be my last. 

Grade: B+ 

Twice as Wicked is now out! 

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  1. Ooooo, revenge and romance! I love the sound of that! Plus the hero sounds lovely - a man of few words is my type of guy, regardless of awkwardness. :D I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Lauren!

    Have a wonderful week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. I am a sucker for a pretty dress on a cover! I like the sound of the story, too - to me, the characters seem to have almost a bit of role-reversal, with the woman being the outspoken one and the man being a bit awkward.

  3. Yay, I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one! Alice certainly was entertaining with her candor, especially towards Nathaniel. Great review!!


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