Stacking the Shelves/Sunday Post (27 & 28)

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews and focuses on new books that were received/bought/borrowed this week while the Sunday Post is hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and focuses on recapping your week. 

This is my first Stacking the Shelves/Sunday Post for 2018 so it's going to be slightly long :) 

New Books: 

For Review: 

Your One & Only by Adrianne Finlay
The Calculus of Change by Jessie Hilb  
Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry 
All of This is True by Lygia Day Penaflor 
The Midnights by Sarah Nicole Smetana
Winter Glass (Spindle Fire, #2) by Lexa Hillyer 
Say You'll Remember Me by Katie McGarry 
Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia 
Sugar Lump by Megan Guadino 
Devil's Gold: A Black Rose Mystery by Amanda McKinney 
The Italian Party by Christina Lynch
Indecent by Corinne Sullivan  
How to Walk Away by Katherine Center 
The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman
The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth 
Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser 
Thrive (Guardian Protection #2) by Aly Martinez

 Much thanks goes to HarperCollins, St. Martin's Press, Wednesday Books, Thomas Duane Books, Imprint, Harlequin Teen, EntangledTeen, HMH, and  InkslingerPR! 


An ARC of My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma 

Thanks Nisha! 

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

Thanks Bookish First! 

The Rancher's Baby by Maisey Yates

Thanks Bookish First! 

The Exo Project by Andrew DeYoung

Thanks Andrew and Sci-Fi & Scary


Books Read this Week: 

So far this month I've read 26 books (I have no idea how I managed this but since I'm 19 books ahead of my challenge I'm not complaining lol). Due to the amount, I'm not going to list them here this week, but if you want to check out what I've been reading, check out my Goodreads challenge!

New in my Reading/Blogging/Personal Life: 

Nothing that exciting happening here. 

 Still enjoying my time off and reading some AMAZING books. I've been keeping up with my challenges, which is a first. And thanks to the #BeatTheBacklist Challenge I've already read seven "old" books. Out of the seven three have been five-star books! I need to get going on my Debut Author Challenge, though. I've only read 1 book so far for that. I'm also super excited about my book haul so far this month. I got several approvals that rolled in at the same time. Goal of this week, however, is to keep up with my email. I've been slacking ever since the holidays. 

The weather has been nuts in PA! The first week of January brought  incredibly cold temperatures. On our worst days the wind chill was around -25, which is a first in my lifetime at least. Then this week we got a warm spell, bringing temperatures in the 50s and 60s! I couldn't believe it - I was actually able to put my car windows down! But as of Saturday we're already back to the brutal cold. I just want Spring already. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. What a great haul! I won a couple of those from Goodreads - The Italian Party and How To Walk Away Our weather in NJ has been very similar, and I don't like it!

    1. Congrats on the wins! I can't wait to hear what you think about them :) Yeah, I feel like the weather everywhere has been nuts! I just want it to be spring.

  2. Lots of goodies for you this week! I hope you enjoy them all. I'm especially excited to read My Bollywood Life.
    Happy reading and have a good week ahead!

  3. A lot of these books look very interesting. I hope you enjoy them. Have a great day.

  4. Sooo many amazing books Lauren! I won Belles too from BookishFirst. It finally came this week. :) I hope you enjoy all the new pretties and have a wonderful week!

  5. The Midnights sounds pretty interesting. I may gave to check it out.

    1. Yeah, I'm excited to give it a try! Everyone who has read it so far has loved it.

  6. Wow, 26 books already! That is amazing! Good job. 😍😍 I can't wait to read Say You'll Remember Me! I've had good success with McGarry's books. I hope you enjoy all of your new additions!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lauren. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thanks! I honestly don't know how I've managed it but I can't complain. Say You'll Remember Me is amazing. I had so many feels. She writes angsty YA so well.

  7. oh you got The Belles! I'm so happy for you! Looking forward to your review of The Calculus of Change, I was so curious about it when I saw it on NetGalley!

    1. I'm hoping to start The Calculus of Change soon! I'm a huge math nerd so I was sold as soon as I saw the word calculus in the title lol

  8. Say You'll Remember Me looks good, and I like that cover for Not That I Could Tell. And 26 books? Wow that's impressive!!

    Yeah the cold is no fun. Hope it warms up there, I'm about ready for spring myself!

    1. Say You'll Remember Me is amazing! Katie's books are just incredible.

  9. I can't believe you've read 26 books so far this month! Wonderful! I've only read 5 I think. My Goodreads challenge keeps telling me I'm 2-3 books behind schedule. Lol! It's just been a busy real life month. I got a copy of Not That I Could Tell as well and I hope we both love it. Yay that you enjoyed Rancher's Baby, too! Maisey Yates has been a hit for me this last year. Stay warm! :)

  10. How have you already read 26 books? That’s insane. Enjoy your new books, and have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  11. OMG, I could not do 26 books so far unless it was like 100 pagers and even then it would be hard! Awesome tho!

    Mary @ Stacking My Book Shelves!
    Hopping in from The Sunday Post

  12. I see a few books that I also downloaded from Edelweiss - I get so excited when new stuff shows up there! Happy 2018 and I'm with you on the weather. It's all over the place and I'm over it!
    Jen Ryland Reviews

    1. I get excited when new stuff shows up! They just uploaded a bunch of new stuff, and I'm trying so hard to resist for the time being.

  13. Wow some amazing books! Really looking forward to your thoughts on The Belles and Winter Glass - I haven't read Spindle Fire yet, but I love retellings and Winter Glass has a lovely cover. The Belles is also gorgeous.

    Hope you keep warm! I envy your chilliness, haha ;) Here it's so hot and I hate the heat.

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  14. Seven is a great number of books and January ain't over yet! haha. :) Love the books you got, don't know many of them, so it's mostly cover crushes! lol.

    Have fun reading the books you got!

    1. Haha cover crushes are never a bad thing!

  15. Wow! A lot of great books, I see :) My Not-So Bollywood Life looks right up my alley, and I love the cover. I see you got quite a few eARCs too! I really like Heretics Anonymous's cover. So unique! Oh hey, you're from PA too? I grew up in Philly suburbs! :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


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