Review: Reality Wedding (Reality Star, #3) by Laura Heffernan

Reality Wedding (Reality Star, #3) by Laura Heffernan
Release Date: March 6, 2017
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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When Jen Reid escaped a reality TV cruise with her relationship intact—if not her hair—she swore she was done with the cameras for good. Sure, she and Justin met, had their first kiss, and got engaged with tape rolling, but manufactured drama and ruthless producers have shaken them up more times than she can count. With Jen’s reality-themed bakery just getting started and her brand-new lawyer fiancĂ© in a pile of debt, they’re a long way from glitz and glamour, and that’s fine by Jen. Until the Network calls and tells her that unless she says “I do” to a wedding special, Justin will be out of a job.

Now Jen has two weeks to plan an all-expenses-paid “dream wedding”—and dodge the tricks and traps of a showrunner happy to mess up her future in the name of ratings. Luckily for Jen, she’s got plenty of experience with cake and popcorn. But when real-life drama and reality TV twists collide, the cliffhangers may just follow her right down the aisle . .


After devouring Nice Try, Jane Sinner last December, I've been craving more reality TV based reads. I love the drama and competitiveness they bring to the table! Therefore, when Laura Heffernan's Reality Wedding appeared on my radar, I instantly added it to my TBR. 

The result? Reality Wedding is an incredibly fun & fast paced read,  perfect for a lazy afternoon. 

Reality Wedding introduces Jen and Justin, two twenty-somethings who meet and fell in love on a reality TV show. After several shows and a heck of a lot of drama, they're happy to put their reality TV personas to bed and live a normal, quiet life in Florida. The only problem? The network wants them back for a wedding special! 

I adored Jen from the first page. She was snarky and sassy and never afraid to speak her mind. I loved the relaxed feel to her narrative. It was such a treat to slip into her world for a few hours. What I loved the most about Jen, however, was that she'd get herself into the craziest situations. The painted wedding dress, the pool rescue, etc. It was all so funny! I couldn't stop laughing or tear my eyes away from the page. I just needed to know more. I also came to like Justin. He was definitely the more relaxed one of the two. I just wish he had played more of a part in the book. The secondary characters were a riot! Birdie, Rachel, and Sarah were all unique and just as sassy and fierce as Jen. I could see why they were all friends. I also appreciated the "enemies," such as J-dwag, the wedding planner, and the insane producer. Some of the stunts those three pulled were insane! 

The plot centered around the wedding as well as Jen and Justin's struggle to remain sane and in love. Sometimes books involving weddings don't feature a lot of wedding stuff, but that wasn't the case here. Cake tastings, dress fittings, rehearsal dinners...everything was included, making a wedding lover like me incredibly happy. Laura also did a fantastic job of bringing everything together. I enjoyed the addition of celebrity gossip blog posts and texts. It caused a lot more laughs and for this book to move at a rapid pace! I started this book at 9 pm and before I knew it was 12 am and I was done. I seriously couldn't put it down. Jen and Justin's relationship/struggles added an "aww!" factor to the storyline. I loved how much of a team they were. They shared almost everything and helped as well as supported each other every step of the way. 

Overall, Reality Wedding is an essential read for any reality TV/wedding lover. Despite Reality Wedding being the 3rd book in the series, it's actual my first so I'm looking forward to going back and seeing how it all began. 

4 stars! 


  1. This sounds like a whole lot of fun! I'm glad it delivered for you. Have you read Lauren Layne's Runaway Groom?? That one has a reality show setting too and the romance is amazing!

    1. No I haven't, but it's definitely on my TBR!

    2. Nick - I was just thinking about that book, when I read this.
      Lauren - Nick is right, Runaway Groom is so good and so, so funny too.

    3. I guess I definitely need to buy it then! thank goodness I have all these gift cards lol

  2. I am a reality TV watcher and love reality TV themed books too. I do find it weird to read a book with a character who has my name. I'm sure I should like it, but no. In any case, glad you enjoyed this and if there re more books in the series, I'm up for them.
    Jen Ryland Reviews

    1. Yeah, I find it weird when characters share my name too. It's just a little too close to home lol but I can usually get past it.


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