Review: The Carlyles by Cecily von Ziegesar

This book is about the Carley triplets who had to move to New York after their Grandmother died to take care of her will. Avery is the one who is the well driven one and who would do anything to be on the top of the social ladder. As the book continues Avery throws two prats one failing miserably and the other maybe not so bad. Avery remained me of Blair in the personality area because of her fight to be on the top and stay there. Then there is Owen know for his ever present Speedo and being a big player. Though during the summer he meets a girl named Kat who he loses his virginity due and falls hard for. So, in NYC he is trying to find the mysterious girl he met. When he finally finds Kat it turns out she is new friends Rhys Girlfriend. What is a hot guy to do? Last but not least is Baby ( That is her real name) who just wants to go home and be with her stonier boyfriend Tom. In Constance she is always the teachers worst nightmare because of her sudden outbursts during classes. In this book there is also Jack, Rhys, and J.P. who are other East Sidders who added to the book in big ways too.

I was a little worried when I first got this book because I thought it would not met the standers of the original Gossip Girl. Though as I began to read this I was quickly reassured that this would be as good as or maybe even better than the original Gossip Girl. Most of the characters reminded me of our old characters, which added a familiar feeling to the book. The Carlyle's was an excellent book and I suggest it to any fan of the original GG or anyone looking for a good book.

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  1. hi,i'd like to ask if the girl in black is avery and what kind of blonde is her hair?

  2. I think that is Avery in the black and Baby in the pink. Also, I'm not too sure about kind of blonde her hair is. It looks kind of died to me.

  3. really?but baby has brown hair.i think baby is the one at the back of the second book.the one with brownish hair LOL.dyed hair?thats too bad,i think the colour's really pretty.it looks kinda honey mixed with wheat blonde to me lol.or just richer wheat blonde colour.thanks anyway ;)


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