Footfree and FancyLoose By Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain

The pursuit of ones dreams that began in the fantastic first novel, Bass Ackwards and Belly Up continues in this equally good novel by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.

The book opens up with a week after Bass Ackwards and Belly Up ended with Sophie, Becca, and Harper at a fancy Hollywood party. While they are at the party, Kate is already off to Ethiopia to work on a project to dig wells. With half of the year already gone they make a promise to complete their dreams. Meaning that Harper has to start her novel again and not quit working to play the all addicting spider solitaire which got in her way before. Sophie, meanwhile, is living the pleasant life in her Mother’s best friend’s guest house. Though, when the friend decides abruptly to kick Sophie out,so her presonal trainer can move in, Sophie is forced to sleep on her frenemy Sam’s couch in his small apparent he shares with his friend. Kate is in Ethiopia, where she is working at a non profit organization helping build wells with four other people around her age. Though when she meets the all controlling and rude Darby will it make her work harder? Even though Becca has already completed her goal of falling in love doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. Actually it far from it because she can’t seem to trust her boyfriend Stuart no matter how much he reassures her he’s faithful. Also, her parents have gotten back together leaving her confused off how two people can get back together in spite of how much hating they have down of the years of each other. As this all exciting year goes on for these four best friends learn that even if something goes wrong they’ll always have each other.

First off I overjoyed when I read in the first book that there would be a sequel because I wanted to see how Sophie, Harper, Kate, and Becca lives would turn out in the end. So, when I first got this book I started it immediately when I got home feeling like no time had passed since the pervious book even though it had been two years since Bass Ackwards and Belly Up began the story. Footfree and FancyLoose started slowly but picked up in the middle and carrying through to the end with twists and turns in the plot. I loved Kate’s story because I thought is was cool how she did everything in her power to get running water in the grief stricken town. I loved this book and was sad to see it end. I hope their will be another book because I think two of the couples didn’t really get their chance of being together. The only problem that I had with this book was how long it took to come out though I quickly forgave the authors when I was reading the book, seeing how good it was. I can’t wait to read another book by these talented authors.

I highly suggest you go out and buy Footfree and Fancyloose and Bass Ackwards and Belly Up if you haven’t had a chance to read them.



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  2. I thought this was a good sequel too. :)


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