Review: The Secret Rites Of Social Butterflies by Lizabeth Zindel

Summary/Cover Image from Goodreads:

When does truth become gossip?

Maggie's parents have just split up, and she's moved from New Jersey to New York City with her mom. Desperate to make new friends and to distract herself from troubles at home, she falls in with a group of social butterflies at the ritzy private school she now attends. These girls keep a top-secret record of their classmates, most intimate details on a wall in one of their apartments. Maggie's friends insist they are collecting the truth--not gossip--about the lives of today's teenagers. But she soon learns that certain information in the wrong hands can do irreparable damage.

This is the second novel from Publishers Weekly "Flying Start" author and literacy legacy Lizabeth Zindel.


When I began this book I didn’t know what to expect. I thought, maybe, it could be another one of those copycats of Gossip Girl . Since it took place in not only New York but in a private school with rich girls. It turned out I was wrong after I read the first chapter for some little things and a big thing. As, the story begins Maggie seemed like not only a typical nice girl going through a tough time but a good friend. Though that kind of gets ruined when she meets The Revelers, who surprised me by how mean and awful they where to their classmates and friends. At the beginning I, stupidly thought, that they where nice and semi pleasant though I began to not think that after what they made Maggie go through to be their friend. The thing that made me like The Secret Rites Of Social Butterflies the most was how when I got farther into the book I saw it not only had excellent and well developed characters, a good fast paced plot , but important questions to think over. Questions such as where should girls draw the line at gossip and rumors, how can a teenage girl let herself be open and truthful to the people she cares about , and well if your secret gets out will there be anyone who’s going through the same thing or fells the same thing you do. Lizabeth Zindel , I thought, answered them perfectly by saying in her own words that there will most likely be someone who feels the same making you feel better and when you mess up you’ll eventually end up in a better place than where you started. In addition, the events in this book lead to the idea that maybe you should always be truthful with friends and family since if you aren’t it may end up hurting you, like it did to Maggie. The Secret Rites Of Social Butterflies is a definite must read and might likely be my favorite book of the year, though I think that about most books I read.

Grade: A

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  1. I can't believe that the author of this book is the daughter of Paul Zindel. Her book seems so different then what he writes/wrote. I definitely want to read it! Great review!



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