The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

All Chloe Sanders ever wanted to be was normal. She wanted to not have to always be the new girl or the poor rich girl who’s mother died. She got her chance to be a ordinary with no one knowing her past at the performing arts she strated in ninith grade where everyone was new like her. Now all she wants to do is get the guy she’s crushing on to crush back, keep her friends from attacking each other with insults, and keep being the normal girl.

Though somehow Chole can’t get want she wants. First she strats she people who are not their. Ghosts you can call them who want her help and won‘t stop talking to her. Second, when everyone finds this out she is suddenly shipped to the mysterious Lyle House where she is sent to recover with other teens who have similar problems.

Suddenly her schoolmates, friends, her dad, and even her ever trusting aunt thinks she’s nuts. Though she knows she’s not because when she arrives at Lyle House she sees that with the house and the teens-especially Derek and Simon- not everything meets the eyes and only she can figure the truth about them out.

The Summoning was an amazing book. The whole mystery that surrounds the Lyle House kept me interested in this book from the first chapter. Chloe was a very relatable character because most girls like her want just to be nothing but ordinary and well liked. Though with Chloe she finds out she may never get this normal feeling when she discovers she is a necromancer which means she can summon the dead. The supporting characters- Tori, Liz, Rae, Derek, and Simon- kept the book going to by having their story of how they ended up at the Lyle House come out at random times when the plot was getting a little dull. I felt sorry for Chloe when she found at that the people closet to her where keeping the secret that they knew she was seeing ghosts but instead acted like she was a crazy mess. The only thing I got mad about in this book was the ending which was a huge cliff hanger but I guess you need that kind of ending when your writing a trilogy. The Summoning was a fast paced book with a suspenseful plot that kept you wondering to the very last page. I suggest it to anyone who wants to read an incredible book.


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