Sunday at Tiffanys by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

Jane Margaux's parents where hardly ever home because her mom, the famous Vivienne, was always directing the latest hit on Broadway and her father was always on business with his girlfriend, Ellie. This made Jane a very lonely little girl. So, when she gets an imaginary best friend. She suddenly has someone tell secrets to, hang out with, and just have some who would never leave no matter what. Though, as they say all good things have to come to an end. Jane sees this first hand when Michael leaves her on her ninth birthday with a promise that she will forget him the next day and if she does remember it would be like a dream.

Now, twenty three years later Jane still can't forgot Michael even though he sad she would. She is working at Vivienne's production company basically as her Mother’s beck and call girl. She has had a hit on Broadway called Thank Heaven which was based on her relationship with Michael . Hollywood now wants to make it into a movie making Jane happy. Though, as always Vivienne finds a way to control the whole thing form the actors to the setting. Also, Jane has a hot Broadway star boyfriend names Hugh who stared in Thank Heaven as Michael but she begins to see he’s only dating her to make his career breakthrough. So, basically Jane’s life has been a mess since Michael left her twenty some years before.

Then comes the day when Jane sees him in there old favorite restaurant with a beautiful lady. Jane thinks she has gone crazy because he’s supposed to be imaginary not real. So, she goes up to him to test her sanity and realizes he is actually a real person, somehow. Jane gets Michael to answer her questions of why can’t she remember him and how he’s there in flesh and blood. Michael doesn’t know the answers to these questions but thinks that now seeing Jane after years means he has to save her again. Here starts the confusing relationship of Jane and Michael who start to have feelings and test all odds when they begin to fall for each other even though one is somehow immortal.

Sunday's at Tiffany's was such an amazing and heart wrenching story of love can surpass all odds that start to pile up against it. I loved how this book kept you guessing of the whole story behind Michael until the last page. Also, Michael and Jane where well written characters, I thought, who had qualities that you could relate to your own life. Michael was my favorite character because he was such an smart, truthful, and witty guy that I wish more guys where like in real life. The setting was in New York which made James and Gabrielle fit little pieces of New York in every chapter which I thought was cool. Even though it has almost 400 pages it was told in alternating views ( Jane's in 1st person and Michael's in third) and had relative short chapters which made it go by very quickly. This was the first book I read by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet and it certainly will not be the last.

5 stars/ 5 stars

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