Evermore by Alyson Noel


Ever since the accident that claimed the lives of her parents and younger sister, Riley, Ever has never been the same. Not only is she now an orphan, but she has weird psychic abilities that allow her to read peoples minds, see peoples auras, and tell others life stories by touch. Also, she has routine visits from her dead sister. Suddenly, her perfect and preppy cheerleader life with her popular friends and boyfriend has been replaced with one with hoodies, loud music, and some outcast friends at her new high school. Since, she has a feeling that this is god's way of punishing her for what happened that one dreadful night.

Though, when she meets the charming, beautiful, and wealthy Damen everything is different. She can't tell what he is thinking, tell anything about him from touch, and whenever he's around her it feels like the thoughts and feelings of others magically disappear. Though, with Damen comes dark secrets and a frighting girl named Drina, who seems like she's out to ruin everything Ever has left.


Before even starting Evermore, I had extremely high exceptions for it. Since, the cover is stunning, I loved Alyson's previous books, and the summary makes it sound mysterious and interesting. Lucky for me, it was a great book that went high above my exceptions and had few flaws.

The whole plot was well carried out and had unique and interesting turns that had me completely stunned at what was happening. I liked how Alyson slowly led up to what had happened that night so long ago. Since, it had me completely interested in the story the whole time and I, have to say, I never saw the whole revelation behind everything coming. Also, Alyson Noel's writing in this adds to how excellent Evermore is and makes it one of her best works yet!

The only problem I had with this was the characterization. Don't get me wrong, Ever's character was great. You could feel the trauma and the pain she went through with her special abilities and the death of her loved ones. Though, the other characters left something to be desired. With Damen, I would have liked for him to explain more about Summerland and what types of powers you have when your Immortal. Though, with reading the excerpt from Blue Moon, the next book in the series, I think it will definitely be part of the main focus. Also, I felt that Ever's friends, Haven and Miles, were flat and underdeveloped characters. I would have loved to seen more of both. Since, they were funny and cute characters that I liked a ton.

Evermore was simply a great book that I loved. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Blue Moon, which comes out in August 2009. By the way, the cover of Blue Moon is in the back of Evermore and it is simply beautiful, I can't wait to see it in full color!

Grade: B+

Evermore is now out in paperback. You can find out more about it here.


  1. I've seen a lot of good reviews for this book - I'm looking forward to picking it up!

  2. Great review! I look forward to reading this book :)

  3. I really want to read this soon! Great review!

  4. I'm glad you liked it!! I can't wait for Blue Moon to come out.

  5. I hear a lot about this one, and it looks good...nice review! (:

  6. This sounds really good, I can't wait to read it. =]

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