Teenreads.com 2009 Reader Survey

Do want to win one book out 775? Well, Teenreads is hosting there annual Reader Survey on their website, where if you participate you get entered to win a book out of a 27 available titles. This includes Catching Fire (!!!!), Shiver (!!!), and plenty of other drool worthy books.

In the survey teens will be asked some of the following questions:

-How often they buy books and where they shop
-How often they visit the library and/or take out books
-What kinds of books they are interested in reading
-Who and what influence their reading selections
-How they feel about required summer reading
-What they think about eBooks and digital reading devices
-What their other media habits are

The survey can be found here. It will take an estimated 15 minutes. Also, this survey will be closed on August 31 and is open to the world. Though, only participants from the US or Canada can win the chance of getting a new book.

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