Touch by Francine Prose


What really happened at the back of the bus?

Did they, or didn't they?

Did she, or didn't she?

Something happened to fourteen-year-old Maisie Willard—something involving her three friends, all boys. But their stories don't match, and the rumors spin out of control. Then other people get involved . . . the school, the parents, the lawyers. The incident at the back of the bus becomes the center of Maisie's life and the talk of the school, and, horribly, it becomes news. With just a few words and a touch, the kids and their community are changed forever.

From nationally acclaimed author Francine Prose comes an unforgettable story about the difficulties of telling the truth, the consequences of lying, and the most dangerous twist of all—the possibility that you yourself will come to believe something that you know isn't true.


Touch had a fascinating storyline from the start. You were constantly wondering, " What REALLY happened?" Since, Maisie's story was always changing, never really keeping the same details. While that made Touch interesting, it still made for a bit of confusion, because I could never keep what she was saying about the incident in a straight line.

Maisie's character was mostly well developed. Though, her friends and family were another story. Sure you could keep them in line knowing just the basics about them, but you couldn't really say that you understood them as people.

Though, one rewarding quality of this book was Francine Prose's writing. I've heard before that it's good, but I never thought it would be as great as it was in Touch. Throughout, I was amazed at how fast she made the book move to how the story always had anther side, a detail missing that made it all seem put together.

Overall, Touch isn't that best or greatest book I've ever read, but it still provides for a fast read that will leave you wondering what just happened at the end. I suggest this to fans of Jodi Picoult or people just looking for a quick read.

Grade: B-

Touch is now out! Also, Touch is part of Harper Collins "Browse Inside" program, so be sure to check out the first six chapters if this book seems interesting to you. :)


  1. This is a pretty interesting plot for a story... On one hand it shows how stories can spiral out of control but on the other hand it might teach people not to believe someone when they say something happened to them (which is sort of a bad thing in my opinion)... I'll have to check it out!

  2. Sounds intense. Thanks for the review!

  3. I could never get into Jodi Picoult's books but I think I'll give this a try nonetheless.

  4. Touch sounds like an interesting book. I've never read anything by Francine Prose, but I want to know what her writing is like. :P

  5. I saw this in the bookstore at the E. Scott signing and almost picked it up. It looks really interesting. I'm thinking maybe I should give it a try?

  6. I've ordered this one, it sounds pretty good. Cheers for the review!

  7. Great review! I've never heard of this one, but it sounds interesting.


  8. The synopsis does a great job of making people curious so that everyone has to pick it up to see what really happened there. Thanks for the review. I'm going to check out the first 6 chapters now ^^

  9. I did add this on my TBR list. I like thte way it sounds. And your review is really good =) I also love Jodi Picoult so this one may just work out for me.

  10. This book sounds really good!


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