Going On Yet Another Vacation

I'm going to on yet another family vacation this upcoming week to a lake house my father's family rents every summer. So, I therefor probably won't be on the internet that much this upcoming week. But have no worries! Because I have a post sceduled from Monday-Friday leaving no lack of reviews and author interviews. I'm not sure how I'm going to do In My Mailbox for next sunday yet, since I will be getting back home some time in the afternoon. Maybe I'll do it a day late or combine what books I get the week I'm gone and the week after.

Also, I probably will be checking my email daily, depending if I have some kind of a computer to go on, so don't worry if you send me an email sometime next week. I'll reply ASAP.

Anyway, I hope I'm going to have a great vacation. Plus, I'm going to take A TON of books to read while there, which will mean tons of reviews for you all when I get back!! :) Oh, and if you would like to make a recommendation of what I should definitely read while away go to my To Be Read section on Goodreads here and leave a comment with your suggestion. Thanks!

* No that's not the lake I'm going to be staying on. It's just a pretty picture I found when I googled Lakes, because I wanted a picture to go along with the post. What can I say I have obsession with making sure every post has a picture to go along with it. =)


  1. Hope you have a great family vacation! =)

  2. Hope you have a great vacation! I love lakes!!! Lucky you!


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