Quick Q and A's with Kaleb Nation

Kaleb Nation is the person behind not only Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse ( comes out in stores 9-9-09!) but also the sucessful Twilight Guy website.


1) Your debut novel, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse is being released in September. What was your road to publication like for it?

I had the idea for the book on 3/3/03 when I was 14, and enjoyed the story so much that I just kept at it! Writing the book took me about five years, then another year or so getting an agent and a publisher. We spent a lot of time editing the story until it became the book it is today! Even though it was a lot of work, it really paid off in the end because I'm finally accomplishing my dreams.

2) Bran is the book’s main character. Do you see yourself in him in an ways?

I think that Bran has a lot of similarities to me, just like almost all the characters have some traits that are like me. Just like Bran enjoys drawing to make sense of things around him, I enjoy writing. I didn't really realize how much we had in common until years after I had started writing about his character, so it was really a surprise revelation to me!

3) What type of setting do you usually write in? For example, some authors tend to write in the presence of music and some prefer silence.

I usually write in the evening while listening to movie soundtracks from composers like Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman. Music soundtracks always help me to focus on writing, because they help me picture the scenes as a movie in my mind. I've been using the same writing desk since I was 14, so it's the same desk I wrote the first pages of Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse on!

4) Bran Hambric is the first in a series. Can you give us a glimpse at what the next one is going to be about?

A lot of clues to the next book are actually hidden in The Farfield Curse! I can't really say much about the plot or the title yet but I'm really looking forward to people getting to read it!

5) Also, how did you come up with the idea for your Twilight Guy website and have you been surprised at the positive reaction to it?

TwilightGuy was really a surprise hit that I hadn't seen coming. I just wanted to read the books as a blog for a few of my friends, and to give a guy's perspective on the books. After Stephenie Meyer discovered me and blogged about me, suddenly a lot of people were reading my site. I was really surprised but it has been a lot of fun


Thanks! Also, you can check out my review of the book here which I posted earlier today.

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