I'm a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President by Josh Lieb


Family Guy meets Election in this hilarious young adult debut!

Twelve-year-old Oliver Watson’s got the IQ of a grilled cheese sandwich. Or so everyone in Omaha thinks. In reality, Oliver’s a mad evil genius on his way to world domination, and he’s used his great brain to make himself the third-richest person on earth! Then Oliver’s father—and archnemesis—makes a crack about the upcoming middle school election, and Oliver takes it as a personal challenge. He’ll run, and he’ll win! Turns out, though, that overthrowing foreign dictators is actually way easier than getting kids to like you. . . Can this evil genius win the class presidency and keep his true identity a secret, all in time to impress his dad?


To be honest I was a bit weary about giving this novel a chance. But, after reading that the author had been an award winning executive producer on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and had written for such shows as The Simpsons, I began to get excited and hoped that this would be as funny as I thought it may be.

Luckily I'm a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President is a fantastically hilarious debut novel that will leave you in laughing fits.

Josh Lieb has a talent to write a seamless plot that is filled with fast paced writing and greatness. I really liked the characters he created within this novel even though they seemed to be a bit one dimensional at times. One of my favorite was Oliver, the secret genesis main character who is the third richest man in the world. While it was easy to like Oliver and laugh at his jokes, I felt that even with his smarts he tended to be a bit immature in the way he dealt with his peers and parents. Since, for most of the novel he tends to treat most people that could have the potential to care for him or already do like dirt because of his pretend act of "stupidity." Though, with saying that, I could kind of understand why he would want to be this way given how his father acted like in front of him.

Overall, I'm a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President was one great novel that is packed with high potential to make Josh Lieb a well know name come October 2009.

Grade: B+

* Much thanks goes to EB at Penguin Young Readers Divison for sending this to me!


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