Quick Q and A's with Trilby Kent

Trilby Kent is the debut author of Medina Hill which is now out. So, without a futher ado here is part two of the "Let's Tour Medina Hill Blog Tour!".

1) First off, I’m going to give you a couple of categories and I would like you to list your favorite or favorites if you‘re indecisive like me.


Ooh, this is hard. Right now, it would probably be a double-baked sweet potato with chorizo, chickpeas, kale and mozarella - real winter comfort food! Living in Belgium, I developed a serious penchant for moules frites. I'm also a sucker for eggs benedict, a good Goan curry, or anything with rhubarb in it.


Curled up on the sofa with a good book, there's nothing like a sweet and spicy cup of chai. If I'm celebrating, bellinis all round.


An impossible question! The first book that really touched something inside me - which I'm sure had a lot to do with the age at which I read it - was Nadine Gordimer's The Lying Days. That said, the book I've re-read the most is almost certainly Patricia Highsmith's Eleven. At the same time, my ultimate "pick me up" read is probably Wendy Cope's Serious Concerns. I could go on...


See above. I have a real fondness for Flannery O'Connor and Truman Capote, huge admiration for Doris Lessing and Rose Tremain, and I've loved almost all of Ian McEwan's work. I think that Michael Morpurgo has done wonderful things for children's literature.


My boyfriend and I spent a large chunk of the last year working our way through the complete Werner Herzog collection, and I thought Fitzcarraldo was marvellous. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a very strange but eerily beautiful French film, Innocence, based on a novella by Frank Wedekind, which was weirdly disturbing but made me think more than probably any other movie I've seen recently.


I'm really enjoying where we are right now: unpredictable, cozy, colourful mid-autumn.

2) Can your describe your debut book, Medina Hill, in five words or less?

Eclectic, eccentric, evocative, lively, nostalgic.

3) What inspired you to write Medina Hill?

A trip to Cornwall, where we stayed in a house that had once been used as an artists' colony.

4) Do you have a favorite scene or line from Medina Hill?

I'm quite partial to the scene in which Dominic meets Sancha for the first time.

5) Are you and your main character, Dominic, alike in any ways?

We share an interest in history, and a real fondness for Cornwall. We also both loathe hypocrisy and xenophobia.

6) Is there anything specific you hope the readers of Medina Hill take from it?

Find your passion - something that excites and inspires you - and follow it.

7) Is there any book out there you just wish you had written yourself?

Atonement, by Ian McEwan.

8) What type of setting do you usually write in?

My study at home - although I'm trying to diversify!

9) I read somewhere that you currently reside in London, England which I personally find really cool. So, can you share with us non- London people, what it’s like living there?

There's a real feeling of having the world on your doorstep, which I find at once hugely inspiring and very humbling. It's an intense city, not to mention hideously expensive, but I love it.

10) What’s up next for you book-wise?

I've recently sent a new children's novel to my editors at Tundra, and I'm also waiting to hear back from publishers about a novel for grown-ups - it's set around the same time as Medina Hill, but most of the action takes place in Ceylon and Flanders. I've just started a PhD, for which I'll have to produce another novel, so at the moment I'm doing lots of reading and planning, and trying to come up with that perfect first line.

11) Is there anything else you would like to add?

Many thanks for having me here, and I hope that you enjoy the read!


Thanks, Tribly and look for Part 3 coming soon! :)


  1. Thanks for having Trilby Kent here today & thanks to Trilby for sharing. I am glad to have a new author to read! Is Trilby on Twitter? I searched but couldn't find her.
    All the best,

  2. Hi RK,

    No, I'm not on Twitter - must admit, I'm increasingly wary of digital distractions that threaten precious writing time. Facebook is bad enough..!

    All best,


  3. I love reading these author interviews. It's always fun to find out more about the force behind these interesting books...and it's always interesting to try to find things that I have in common with them!

    Today, I would like to point out that I also love bellinis!


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