Waiting On Wednesday: Week 64

My pick this week is:

The Keepers' Tattoo by Gill Arbuthnott

Ten years ago, Alaric, leader of the Shadowmen, killed most of the Keepers--teachers of ancient knowledge that threatened his barbaric rule. Young Kit was captured, but his twin sister, Nyssa, escaped. Only later will she learn that both she and her lost brother bear the secret words of their people: three lines each of strange, unintelligible writing tattooed on their scalps. Now the Shadowmen are on the attack again, determined to quell a growing rebellion. Nyssa must find her brother, and together they must unlock the meaning--the power--behind the mysterious words

Dosen't this sound fantastic? I certianly think it does. Plus, I adore the cover! =) It's SOOO pretty.

The Keepers' Tattoo comes out May 1, 2010!


  1. I agree!! The cover is pretty! Plus I already like the story! Decoding unintelligible writings and unraveling secrets!

  2. That's a very unusual cover. I like the design, and the title font. Very nice!

    The story sounds good too, shall keep an eye out for this one.

  3. Ooh, I do love that cover. And the summary sounds intriguing. :)

  4. Thanks! Another one to add to the TBR pile. Cool cover.

  5. Nice, another good book to put on my tbr list. It keeps growing and growing. :)

  6. Yeah, this sounds fab! Great pick!

  7. This sounds great, and the cover is stunning! :)

  8. Ooh, I love the sound of this. Adding it to my TBR pile. Great pick!

  9. This book looks fantastic! Thanks for featuring it :)


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