The Exile of Gigi Lane by Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Summary from Amazon:

Heathers meets Bring It On in The Exile of Gigi Lane, where a high school queen bee's rise to glory is nothing compared to her fall from it.


Going into this I wasn't too sure of what to except. Would I hate it or would I love it? I had no clue.

Thankfully, The Exile of Gigi Lane ended up pleasantly surprising me because this novel was one intriguing expose into the many unique cliques of Swan's Lake Country Day School.

I have to admit at first I outright hated Gigi, the queen been of the juniors and upcoming Head Hottie of the Hot Spot, because she was pompous, arrogant, and just a plain old witch with a b. Though, soon after the book begins, she hits her demise of popularity queen once she takes her mean remarks to a whole new level, leaving her to fall to the bottom of the social ladder.

And because of this, thankfully, she began to grow as a person and see that not everything was how see saw, and how the people who she had judged before didn't deserve her hurtful comments. While she still was somewhat of the old Gigi, her growth by the end was somewhat astonishing and I was proud of her for it. Plus, I even began love for her naive yet funny insight at the rings of the social latter, something I never thought would occur!

The premise of this was fun, unique, and fabulous, leaving this to be one novel I had no trouble flying right through. I loved finding out more about the different cliques as Gigi sees if she has what it takes to be part of them as well as the different characters introduced through this that make this the excellent novel it is. I especially liked Gigi's scenes with her nice friend Deanna because it showed a side of Gigi that actually seemed human, which left for you to get a better understanding of her.

Adding to this, I loved the constant twists and turns this novel took as Gigi unraveled the mystery behind the notorious Hot Spot and leaders in charge. Seriously up to the second to last chapter I still didn't fully know what to except because The Exile of Gigi Lane was just so unpredictable, an aspect I loved about this novel!

In all, The Exile of Gigi Lane is a novel I highly suggest you take a look at because it truly gives you a interesting and fresh look into what high school can be like for some, and how sometimes falling to the bottom can give you the perspective you desperately need and show who your true friends are. Also, some may be discouraged by the beginning, but don't be, it'll end up surprising you!

Grade: B+
The Exile of Gigi Lane is now out!
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  1. What an interesting review! From the cover it looks like a bit of a cliche, but it sounds like when you get into th story it goes deeper. I'm still not sure if it is for me though.

  2. The book sounds interesting. To bad that it isn't my cup of tea when it comes to reads.

  3. I have a feeling I'll love this. Thanks Lauren!

  4. This one sounds great and I love the concept. For sure will check it out.

  5. Awesome review! This really sounds wonderful. I agree with prophecygirl, I think I'll love it! :)

  6. Nice review, I have to read this one soon :)


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