Quick Qs and As with Jaclyn Dolamore

Today, I have a very special guest here on Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf! Who is it, you may ask. Well, no one other than the fabulous Jaclyn Dolamore, author of Magic Under Glass! So, without a further ado, here's my interview with her.


What are three words that best describe Magic Under Glass?

Three words? Do you know how long writers spend trying to get it down just to one sentence? How about:

Automaton Love Angst.

That sounds kind of like an album.

Which character in Magic Under Glass do you relate to the most?

Maybe Erris? Because he is more open with his emotions than the other characters. I'm definitely not so tough and proud as Nim. Not that she doesn't open up emotionally in this novel, but... yeah, none of them are that much like me, but they all have aspects I relate to.

Do you have a favorite scene or line in Magic Under Glass? If so, would you mind sharing with us a bit about it?

I must confess I really love to torture the love interest. My favorite scene is near the end where the villain is having his "moment" and subsequently Erris and Nimira are in considerable agony. Of course, I can enjoy this knowing it will all turn out, but nevertheless... enjoy it I do. Muhaha.

How did the title Magic Under Glass come to be?

It's kind of funny. Originally there was this magical machine that looked like a glass coffin that played a huge part. By the time my agent acquired it, the role of the machine had been much diminished, and my editor asked me to cut it entirely. Originally, that was actually the magic under glass! The title just came to me and felt right. But I kept it because there are still the fairies under glass, and their imprisonment mirrors the character's situation.

If Magic Under Glass had a theme song, what would it be?

The Everly Brothers' "Love Hurts." Everyone in the book seems quite unlucky in love! I always imagined this montage to that song of everyone brooding about alone.

What’s one of the most interesting comments you’ve received about your book so far?

Well... if you read reviews, which I have tried to stop doing, you see some very strange comments. There is a review out there where someone says they got a giggle from a statue described comparably to the Statue of Liberty being called the Goddess of Wisdom. That made me blink a bit... I had never considered the Statue of Liberty! I just think "green" and "crown" with the Statue of Liberty, never considered what she was holding. It's strange to see other people noticing things in your book that you never thought of. Sometimes it's cool when they make a connection, and other times it's just like... "huh?" or "oh dear."

How does it feel knowing your book is in stores?

Um...scary? Haha.

Is there any book out there that you just wish you had written yourself?

Not really, because I like my books and I like other people's books, but other people's books aren't MY book. But, I have been blown away by Kristin Cashore's first two novels. The emotional depth is just incredible, and I love the characters, and that's something I strive for. I'm crazy-excited for BITTERBLUE.

I'm crazy-excited for BITTERBLUE too! What’s your typical day like?

I get up, check my e-mail, then do some stretching, and make lunch which is usually salad. I usually do my writing after lunch, and some reading too if I've gotten in enough writing for the day. I have to take it really easy lately because I've had a repetitive stress injury and I've realized I'm a workaholic. I have to force myself not to do more work than I need to. Then I make dinner, and usually spend the rest of the evening with my partner Dade or whatever else calls to me. My life is fairly boring. But being boring is cheap.

What’s up next for you book-wise? A sequel to Magic Under Glass perhaps?

The next book is Between the Sea and Sky. It's about a mermaid in love with a winged guy. It's set in the same world as Magic Under Glass. After that, the sequel to MUG, Magic Under Stone!

Ooh, both sound great! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for having me!


No, thank you! :)

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  1. Glad to know there will be a sequel to Magic Under Glass, and a companion novel. Looking forward to it.

  2. I always love the "what is your day like?" question. It gives readers a perspective about the author's life.

  3. Wow, Between the Sea and Sky sounds amazing!

    Thanks for the interview :)

  4. Awesome interview! Though I have MUG, I have not yet had the chance to read it. I think I have to speed up the process. Between the Sea and Sky sounds good as well :D


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