The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

Summary from Barnes and Noble:

No one wanted you. But I did.

Kat's true identity is a secret, even from her. All she has ever known are Grace and Anna and their small village. Kat wants more—more than hours spent embroidering finery for wealthy ladies and more than Christian, the gentle young farmer courting her.

But there are wolves outside, Grace warns. Waiting, with their eyes glowing in the dark . . . and Grace has given Kat safety and a home when no one else would.

Then a stranger appears in their cottage, bringing the mystery of Kat's birth with her. In one night, Kat's destiny finds her: She will leave. She will journey to London, and her skill with the needle will attract the notice of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth—and of the wolves of the court. She will discover what Grace would never tell her.

Everything will unravel.


As I've mentioned countless times before on this blog, The Tudor time period is without a doubt one of my favorites. I love the dresses, the scandal, the royals, just about everything except the downfalls to that time, so when the chance arose to read The Stolen One, I jumped at, eager to devour a new addition to this genre.

Thankfully, Suzanne Crowley's The Stolen One proved to not only be a beautifully written and intriguing tale of one girl's journey to find who she is at the royal court of the grand Elizabeth, but a book that will have readers begging for more from this very talented author!

From page one, Suzanne allows her wonderful storytelling to transport you into the world of Kat, a character who while has faced much heartbreak still manages to be one strong girl who you can't help but to root for and love. It was fun and at times heartbreaking to be there right along with Kat as discovered the many secrets left behind for her to unravel the mystery of who she is and how she could overcome the hardships she faces because of it. In addition, Suzanne introduced many rich secondary characters such as Christian, a boy who would do anything for the young Kat, Elizabeth, someone Suzanne managed to portray quite well, and Anne, Kat's beautiful yet crippled sister, to mention a few. Leaving the characters of this story to be one of my favorite parts.

The plot of this almost never had a dull moment. Though, I didn't particularly like how the mystery of who Kat's mother was could be told from a mile away and how quickly the book wrapped up with almost no pivoting point, but I did like the other mysteries that arose throughout this, the addition of Grace's diary, and the romance. Along with how Kate's character grew greatly and the lessons she learned through that.

Adding to this, Crowley's writing was spectacular and continued to amaze me with just how far she went to bring this story to life!

In all The Stolen One is a book that I highly suggest you pick up, especially if you're a Tudor history fan like myself.

Grade: A-
The Stolen One is now out!

Souce: Author. Thanks Suzanne!


  1. This sounds like a really good read, Lauren, and it's one I've had my eye on for a while. Thanks for such a great review!

  2. I love historical fiction but I wouldn't say the tudor time is my favourite. Anyway this still sounds like a great read for any historical fiction fan. Fab review!

  3. Is it just me or does the cover remind you of Victoria from Twilight? Shrugs. Anyway, I've seen this book on the shelves. Maybe I might just pick it up next time around.

  4. I saw this on someone wishlist, and really wanted to read it but was unsure. And now I see your review, and I'm quite eager to read it :) Great, Amazing review you did :)

  5. This looks amazing! I love The Tudor time period, so I really have to read this :) Nice review!

  6. This sounds great! Nice review! :)

  7. I've had this in my TBR pile for forever, and totally need to pick it up soon. Great review! :D

  8. I have this book on my wishlist, glad to hear that you really liked it. I love reading about this timeperiod as well :)

  9. loved this book, glad to see you did too!


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