Waiting On Wednesday: Week 76

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill over at Breaking the Spine.

My pick this week is:

The Blending Time by Michael Kinch
Congratulations on turning age seventeen. You are now ready for placement by the Council government.
For kids in the year 2054, turning seventeen means they’re ripe for Global Alliance work assignments that range from backbreaking drudgery to deadly canal labor. Trying to survive in a desiccated world that’s been ravaged by plagues, AIDS III, and environmental disasters, three “s’teeners” from very different backgrounds think they’ve gotten lucky. Jaym, Reya, and D’Shay are chosen to be among thousands of blenders whose task is to help repopulate Africa after a solar flare left its people sterile.
But the continent itself—roiling with civil war and mercenaries intent on crushing the blending program at any cost—poses the gravest danger of all.
Separated, the three friends struggle to escape horrific situations, somehow reunite, and reach a camp in the mountains that promises salvation from the harsh and threatening world.
(Summary and image from Publisher website)

I always find dystopia books to be completely fascinating, and as a result, when I first heard about The Blending Time, I was immediately intrigued! I love the premise, so let's start hoping the final product is as good as it sounds. :)  Plus, The Blending Time is a debut novel!
The Blending Time will be released October 1, 2010 from Flux!


  1. Oooohhh, I want to read this one. Go dystopia!

  2. By the way, Sherry, a writer friend of mine is looking for a teen beta reader for her YA novel. If anyone is interested, here's her blog link and the link to her ad:

    Blog: http://www.darkangelwritingandreviews.com/

    Ad: http://caseylmccormick.blogspot.com/2010/04/wanted-ya-readers-for-sherry.html

  3. Great pick for the week! I still havent read any dystopia books, but I am planning to read some next month. :) This one sounds nice.

  4. Great pick! I have been all about dystopias lately as well. I will have to keep my eye out for this one.

  5. Oh wow! This sounds pretty amazing. I've been loving dystopia novels lately too. I'm so excited for this one :D

  6. Love that cover! And Flux always has awesome-sounding books. So glad they're coming out with a dystopian. I will definitely keep this on my radar.

  7. This sounds good! I’m so hooked on dystopia lately. A new favorite of mine :) I’ll have to add this one to my wish list so I don’t forget.

  8. That looks absolutely fantastic! I love dystopian books ... almost wrote a thesis on them in university. I've added this one to my wishlist - thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    My WoW pick is here.

  9. I most certainly DO want to read this book.


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