The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride

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When Tessa's best friend Noelle disappears right before the start of eighth grade, Tessa's life changes completely--she shies away from her other friends and stops eating in the cafeteria. Now, two years later, Noelle has escaped her captivity and is coming home, in one piece but not exactly intact, and definitely different. Tessa's life is about to change again as she tries to revive the best-friendship the two girls had shared before Noelle--now Elle--was kidnapped; puts up a futile resistance to the charming new guy at school; pursues her passion for photography while trying to build the bravado to show her photos to the public; and tries to balance her desire to protect and shelter Elle with the necessity to live her own life and put herself first.

For the most part, debut books always blow my mind. And Kristina's McBride's debut titled The Tension of Opposites? Well, it was no different of course, because when it comes down to it, this book is a keeper. It's chilling, romantic, well-written, and makes the reader think- four qualities that always make a book a star in my opinion!

From the first page, you are thrown into Tessa's life, the friend and girl left to be forgotten after her best friend's disappearance four years prior. And Tessa's fine with the forgotten part, since in her opinion, why does she deserve to have an amazing teen experience, when her best friend never received such a thing?

Tessa is one of those main characters that while you adore and root for them to pieces, you can't help but what to shake their shoulders every once in awhile in frustration and remind them that while they may think the opposite, life IS worth living no matter what the criticisms, and that while friendships are important, especially in the case of Noelle and Tessa, you shouldn't let their lives rule your own.

The Tension of Opposites also displays different relationships from friends to boy-and-girl thoroughly in many different lights, leaving this aspect to be one of many that that made The Tension of Opposites be the rock star book it was meant to be from the start. For example, you got to see the before between Noelle and Tessa, then and Elle and Tessa in current time. It was easy to be like Tessa and naively think that when Noelle made her return two years latter, she would be the same bubbly, reckless girl she was before. Though, she isn't. Because replacing her long-forgotten best friend is someone named Elle who has seen a lot and because of it had grown stronger than any sophomore should be. Leaving their relationship to be one that's rocky and hard, but to the reader it also appears that in the long run they'll always be there for each other, because no matter how much life changes and moves around, they'll always be the same girls they were that summer in eighth grade deep, deep down inside. I also want to touch briefly on the relationship between Tessa and Max, and because I don't want to give too much away I'll just say it'll make any reader go "aww!" inside no matter how tough they think they are.

The plot was also something I enjoyed in The Tension of Opposites and constantly had the story moving along at a great pace when tied together with McBride's writing! Also, I loved the fact that Kristina's made Tessa's photographya big part of the novel because it added a great little, fun addition to this mostly serious story.

In all The Tension of Opposites is yet another fantastic 2010 debut among many that will make any reader wonder, no matter how young or old, what if they were Noelle or even Tessa? What if their life went up in flames that one summer ago? And how for would they go to fix what is  not meant to be broken?

Grade: A+

The Tension of Opposites is now out!

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  1. Great review! I've heard great things about this one. It turns out they're all true. :)

  2. This sounds fantastic! I ordered it yesterday, and I think I'll have to read it as soon as it arrives.

    I also love the trailer!

  3. Awesome! This one has been on my radar!

  4. This is the 2nd A+ review I've seen for this today! Now I must go get it! I also wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at my site! You can view it here!

  5. Awesome review! I'm glad you liked it. I have to agree, it definitely was chilling, romantic, well-written and one of those thoughtful books. :)

  6. Wow, great review - it makes me want to read the book even more! :D

  7. im actually seeing this book a lot everywhere great review :)

  8. Okay, my TBR is officially yelling at me for adding another book...your A+ has made it a must read. :) Great review, as always.

  9. Oh, and Lauren? YOU HAVE A BLOG AWARD! SQUEE! Here's the link:


  10. I just got a copy yesterday and your review made me even more excited to read it! Great review :)


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