Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells by Cameron Tuttle

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The election results are in—and totally UnExpected. Now the UnPops are picketing, the Pops are preening, and Paisley’s sophomore year is a bust—again. But when best frenemy Jen’s reputation takes a beating by viral text, Paisley’s pity party is over. She rolls out a new undercover plan to save Jen’s rep, and in the process, follows her heart into a crazy complicated love triangle. Then, as if things weren’t confusing enough, Paisley’s archrival—super cute, super nice, super popular Candy Esposito—hijacks Paisley’s UnPop popularity! First Paisley gets mad; then she gets smart. Can she and Candy use their newfound UnPopularity to save Jen’s reputation—and pull off the biggest coup since Miss UnPleasant turned the Pleasant Hill High social hierarchy on its big fat head? Hello double-crossers, good-bye double xstandards! Paisley Hanover is back—pucker up!
After reading the first humor filled Paisley Hanover book, Paisley Hanover Acts Out, I was eager to read more about the lovely and charming UnPop girl who goes by the name Paisley, so you can just imagine my happiness when an early copy landed in my hands unexpectedly. Thankfully, Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells was a funny and compellable book that nearly lived up to its predecessor.

Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells begins just as the final results of the student election are released, and Paisley, as well as the rest of the UnPops, couldn't even be more surprised and outraged about them, because Paisley Hanover isn't the new president of the sophomore class, HUTCH is! Now, all the UnPops have ganged up together to fight this injustice with Paisley's two drama besties, Cate and Bean leading them. Making things even worse, Jen, Paisley's official frenemy, has major drama going on in her life, drama that might even have the possibility of ruining her, so now it's up to Paisley Hanover to clean up the messes left by Jen, her vice principal and fellow students even though she knows it will be anything but easy. Oh, and add in the fact that Paisley's two crushes/ boyfriends are becoming close friends, it turns out that sophomore year has come to a huge messy halt yet again!

Paisley Hanover is seriously one of my favorite female protagonists ever. I mean, her spunk and her never ending supply of enthusiasm to stop the injustice of the social ranks in her school are admirable. Plus, I love the fact that even though she has hard situations constantly thrown at her, she never lets it get her down or stops being the funny and vibrant girl she is. Instead she takes the drama head on and usually ends up winning big time. Also, I love reading about her BLT (you'll get if you read the book ;) with Clint and Eric. Both are guys who are charming and swoon-worthy in their own right, which would make me just as clueless of who to choose as Paisley is if I were in her place. Adding to this, I love reading about her different friends, such as Cate, Jen, and Amy, because all are just unique and stand on their own fully

The premise of this is filled with nothing lacking excitement and humor, though I have to admit that the execution wasn't nearly as great as I expected it to be because of the length. The book is about 350 pages long, but I feel that some of it was unnecessary and could easily be edited down to have an even better and more compellable novel.

In all, Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells is a truly funny and hilarious addition to the Paisley Hanover series, one that I can't help but highly suggest. Lastly, I have to give props to Cameron for basically getting the language and situations a high school student faces down pat. I can't wait to read the next addition!

Grade: B

Source: Included in a surprise package from publisher. Thanks, Penguin!

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