Interview with Julie Berry, author of Secondhand Charm!

Today, I have a specie treat for you all! What is it, you may ask? Well, an interview with no one other than Julie Berry, author of the newly released Secondhand Charm, as well as The Amaranth Enchantment. So without a further ado, here it is...

In your opinion, what are the top three reasons why teens, or even adults, should consider picking up Secondhand Charm the next time they see it online or in stores?

I think Secondhand Charm is a great read if you’re looking for a story with danger, adventure and a magical twist (Reason One) that doesn’t leave you wanting to heave a brick at the brainless female protagonist (Reason Two: Evie’s not dumb) and if your ideas about what makes a love story just right – satisfying, not shallow, not cloyingly sweet – perfectly align with mine (Reason Three: you’ve got good taste in romance). :-)

Secondhand Charm is told from the view point of Evie Pomeroy, so would you mind sharing a little bit about her? Also, if you could offer Evie any type of advice what would you say?

Evie Pomeroy lives with her grandfather in the remote village of Maundley in the kingdom of Pylander. She’s always had a knack for healing, and she dreams of becoming a physician as her mother and father had been. I admire Evie for her tenacious focus on her goal, and specifically, her determination to further her talents and use them to help others. Her willingness to help others almost costs her greatly, but I can’t fault her good intentions. My advice to her would be to stay on target, and learn to distinguish friends who lift her up from those who may be dangerous.

If Secondhand Charm had a theme song, what song would it be?

Something by Mozart, I think. He fits the time period. If I tried to imagine something more contemporary with modern lyrics, it just doesn’t seem to fit. I wish I was more familiar with music from that period. “Greensleeves” could be the theme song of one of the characters in Secondhand Charm, but I won’t say who for fear of spoilers.

Do you have a favorite scene or line from Secondhand Charm? If so would you mind telling us a bit about it?

There’s a bathtub scene that makes me snicker every time. I love the scenes between Evie and her … um … how shall I say this obliquely … her newfound companion. And there’s a scene where Evie teaches a swimming lesson that I particularly enjoy. Come to think of it, almost all the scenes that stand out in my mind occur on a beach or in water. The morning after the shipwreck is one of those, and it’s a meaningful scene, for me.

What’s up next for you book wise?

I’m working on some proposals now that I’m excited about. One is set, again, in the past, though in the 19th Century as opposed to the 18th. The other is set well into the future, so this will be fun, seeing which voice and premise feel more convincingly natural.


Thanks so much for stopping by, Julie! I can't wait to read more books by you.

To find out more about Julie and her books, be sure to head on over to her website. Also, you can check out my review of Secondhand Charm here.


  1. This is a brilliant interview! I think I would really love this book :)

  2. Awesome interview! I'm almost done Secondhand Charm now and I love it!


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