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Trina Stewart needs cash. Fast. She’s barely got enough dough to keep her fanny off the streets, let alone any spending money for hot nights clubbing on Sunset Strip. And her job teaching English as a Second Language is seriously lacking in both pay and glamour. But not just any job will do. She’s after a real Hollywood job. The kind that makes her $100,000 in film school debt and ten years in Tinsel Town not seem like such a big fat waste of time and money. But a girl can’t fritter away all her time fretting over her next paycheck, can she? Certainly not when a man like Matiu Wulf, a sexy Maori from New Zealand, parks his oh-so-fine self in the apartment above hers while he takes his best shot at Showbiz.

If only Matiu didn’t seem so… repelled by Trina. Really, though, it’s Los Angeles that Matiu finds so revolting. He’s only in L.A. to get some scene design experience to beef up his resume, and then he’s headed back to New Zealand to follow his dreams in peace, thank you very much. That’s his plan, anyway, until he falls hard for Trina…and Trina falls under the spell of a toothy-grinned wannabe actor who charms the pants right off her.

With Matiu on a mission to win Trina’s heart, and Trina on a mission to nail down that ever elusive Hollywood job, these two soon discover that when love gets tossed in the mix, life in Tinsel Town isn’t all red carpets, after parties, and celebrity gossip. In fact, Hollywood can be a downright bitch!

Looking for a fun and summery romantic read? Well, look no further because Hollywood Ending is the book for you!

Hollywood Ending tells the story of Trina and Matiu. When Trina moved to Hollywood several years ago she had a grand future planned out, but now she's broke and has a job far from the Hollywood movie scene she craved before. But she's okay with it. She's sending out applications and one will get her somewhere, right? Plus she has an awesome best friend and a possible boyfriend in the charming and foreign Matiu. The thing is Matiu wants nothing to do with her, or does he? Told in alternative, he-said-she-said narrative, Hollywood Ending is sure to have even the most reluctant reader clamoring for more!

I really adored this book! Yeah, it was bit predictable but it was the perfect bubble-gum type read for a quiet afternoon. Plus there was just so much to love about this book.

For instance, I had nothing but admiration for the characters. Trina was a girl I feel many will relate to because of the way that she was constantly trying to find her place in the world throughout the story. I also thought she was witty and smart. Plus, I loved her friendship with Juliet because it brought out quite a few funny scenes. Furthermore, Matiu and her? They were so sweet and cute together, and because of that it was so hard not to root for them to get past their differences and get together.

While the plot of this had the typical romantic comedy type feel, I still fell head-deep into Hollywood Ending. I was constantly curious, as I'm sure most others will be, about whether or not Matiu and Trina would end up together to whether Trina and Matiu would get there dream jobs. In addition to this Ms. Simone's writing gave this story the perfect fun feel, while still giving her characters and plot lines plenty of development. I truly can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers with her upcoming books!

In all, Hollywood Ending is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon, in my opinion. It's witty, charming, and full of swoon-worthy romance. So do yourself a favor and give this book a try!

Grade: B+

Hollywood Ending is now out!

Source: Publicity firm- Thanks Christelle!

Thanks to Christelle, I also have a chance for one of my readers to win a copy of Hollywood Ending! To enter, please fill out the following form.

Also, here are the rules:

~ Must be 13 or older to enter. (Be aware that this is an adult book so it has several sexual references and swear words contained in the story)
~ Open to US only.
~ Contest will close on December 16, 2010!



  1. I would love to read it, it sounds interesting.

  2. I laughed when I read the book description. This will be a joy to read!


  3. Since I can't go to Hollywood, I love reading books about Hollywood.

  4. I haven't heard of this until now and I would love to read it. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  5. This looks like a good book. Thanks for the review.


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