Blogging Goals for 2011!

It's time for my annual blogging goals of 2011 post, which means that not only is 2010 nearly over (Is it just me or has this year gone by extremely fast?), but I get to think deep about what I want to do in 2011 with my blog! So, bring on the goals!

1) Reply to emails in a more timely matter: I love getting emails. I love when someone takes the time to send me a message about something (Well, expect for spam but that's a given), especially when it's book related. But here's the truth: I'm awful at replying to emails, as I've learned over the past year. I let them pile up in my inbox for at least a month, and then I have to reply to a bunch of them all at once, which is never fun, trust me. So, this year that's not going to happen. When I get an email, I'm going to reply to it ASAP, if not sooner.

2) Comment on blogs more, especially when the person comments on my blog. Oh, and respond to comments on my blog as well: I love getting comments. I really do. They are like treasure when they land in my inbox, but me posting comments almost never happens, even though I love to comment on other people's blogs. It's probably because of school, but I'm not going to let that happened this year. I'm going to comment on blogs at least once a week, if not more. And if someone comments on my blog, I'm going to try my best to respond :)

3) Interview More Authors: One of my favorite parts about blogging is the fact that I get to have the chance to think of fun, interesting questions for authors whose books I love, but the thing is I don't do this nearly enough. So this year, I'm going to interview more authors, and best of all, I'm already working on this goal, as you'll see in January! :)

4) Get through my blog TBR pile: Last time I checked I have at least 122 books in my blog TBR pile, which just shouldn't be the case at all. So this year, I'm going to do my best to work through them all. Even if I get down to only 50 books, I'll be very happy.

5) Go to more author events: I love going to author events, especially when I've had the chance to talk to the author online before, but I don't go to them nearly as often as I would like, so this year I'm going to try to find more in PA to go to. And going along with this, I want to meet an actual blogger in person this year. I've been blogging for nearly three years, and I still haven't, which I find kind of sad. lol

6) Be More Outgoing: I love to talk, especially about bookish things, but I tend to be kind of shy at times. So, this year I'm going to make more of an effort to get to know some more of my fellow bloggers better on twitter and such! :)

7) Actually accomplish my 2011 goals and finish the challenges I'm doing by the end of 2011: Is it sad that I don't even remember what my goals and challenges were last year because I kind of think it is. So, this year I'm going to finish all my challenges and accomplish my goals!


8) Have Fun: I stress out about stuff way more than I should (with blogging and life in general) so this year I want to be more stress free. I want to relax and have fun! :)

In all, those are my blogging goals for 2011! I think I've thought up a fair and manageable amount, don't you?

Though, enough about me, what are some of your goals (personal, blogging/etc.) for 2011? Are any of them similar to mine? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. Sounds great! I know you will do it :-D Happy New Years!

  2. I'm setting very similar goals for myself this year. But tops of the list? HAVE FUN! I stress too much about this, when it's really just fun fun fun. Happy New Year!

  3. I love your goals as well. [:
    I want to do author interviews but i can't figure out how, let alone find any authors to contact. :'[

  4. Great goals. I've been blogging for about as long as you have I haven't met any bloggers either! It's just hard when you're still in High School and I guess Ohio isn't a very popular place for bloggers to live. haha

  5. These look like some great goals! Good luck and Happy New Year!

  6. I love these goals...they make sense and they are doable...and truly get rid of stressing over stuff...get back to the pure sheer pleasure and joy that you obviously get from reading...

  7. Mine are definitely similar Lauren. Posting mine tomorrow, but like you, I want to go to more bookish events and meet more bloggers! Let me know if you learn of any PA bookish events and I'll do the same.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy new year and I hope you achieve these :)

  9. Great goals! I need to come up with a set for my blogs as well!

  10. I agree with having more fun. That's one of my goals too. Do more outgoing stuff etc. 122 books in your tbr pile..wow..just take it easy and don't stress about it.. :) You'll get there!!

    Happy New Year!! :)


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