In My Mailbox (100)

In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren.

For Review:

Drought by Pam Bachorz (So excited about this book! It looks like it's going to be AMAZING! Plus I loved Pam's debut book.)
Human .4 by Mike A. Lancaster (I haven't heard the best things about this one, but I'm still looking forward to giving it a try.)
Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau (Looks adorable! I love mermaid books!)
The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal (I love princess books so I'm really looking forward to reading this.)
Will Work for Prom Dress by Aimee Ferris (Looks like the perfect quick read!)
Bitter Melon by Cara Chow (I love the fact that this has a POC main character and that it takes place during the 80s)
The Lost Saint by Bree Despain (The Dark Divine was fantastic so I'm really looking forward to this!)

Much thanks goes to Jennifer at Goodman Media and Kay at Sourcebooks!


Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (Without a doubt the best Vampire Academy book to date and the perfect way to end the series. I'm dying to discuss this one with people so if you've read this and want to talk about it email me at laurenscrammedbookshelf@gmail.com)

From Library:

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe (I loved Michele's Bad Kitty books so I'm looking forward to seeing if this lives up to them.)
Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John (I've been dying to read this one for months now!)
Elixir by Hilary Duff with Elise Allen (Reading this one right now and it's no where near perfect but it's better than I expected it would be so far.)

From Amy Holder:

The Lipstick Law Swag (Lipstick/Lip gloss/postcard/bookmarks/stickers/temporary tattoos/etc.) (Amy is such a sweetheart, her book is FANTASTIC, and I love all the stuff she sent so much! Look for my review of Lipstick Laws and a interview with Amy in 2011!)

In all, a pretty awesome week! I can't wait to read all my new books, and I still can't get over the fact of how good LS was. :) Anyhow, what did you get this week? Anything good? Let me know in the comments! :)

Oh, and on a side note, I can't believe this is my 100th IMM post because that means I've been blogging for over 100 weeks...which just amazes me to no end.


  1. Hi Lauren, You've had a great mailbox again this week. I hope you enjoy Elixir. I bought that one last week but haven't got to it quite yet. I've not heard of many of the others, apart from The Last Sacrifice. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. wowzaaaa yes i said wowzaaa :D lol such fab books enjoy!

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  4. I just finished the second of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, and am picking up the last sacrifice today... I have been dying for it! But am sad, that it's over!

  5. Awesome haul this week! Enjoy and have a great week!

  6. Wow, your library already has Rosebush? That's awesome considering it was released last week. And all that swag from Amy looks amazing.

    Happy reading Lauren!:)

  7. Hooray! Your 100th IMM. Congrats :) That's exciting. Today is only my 10th- wish I had caught on sooner. It's my favorite meme!

    Awesome haul this week, as usual! I also got Will Work For Prom Dress and I think it sounds super cute, as well.

    Hope you have a fab week Lauren!

  8. Another great week! You've got a lot of books that are on my to-read list. I won a Lipstick Laws swag pack in an auction not too long ago, wasn't it awesome? Congrats on 100!
    Here's my IMM, if you're interested:
    Have a great week!

  9. Awesome mailbox. I'm jealous of so many of them :) Happy reading!

  10. You got a wonderful bunch of books! I just started reading Last Sacrifice and can't wait to get into it more. My mailboxes are here and here. Happy reading!

  11. The Lost Saint! Yaaay! (Jealous? Me? hehe ;) )

    Looking forward to seeing what you think of Elixir too, I surprisingly loved that one.

    Happy reading, and happy 100!

  12. Happy 100th IMM!
    Great books you had this week!
    I've to read the Lipstick Laws, I believe I have it at Netgalley!
    Happy Readings

  13. Tons of great books! Congrats! They all sound fantastic. Enjoy!

  14. Wow! Great books!
    Rosebush and Elixir look amazingggg, happy reading there! :)

  15. Great week Lauren, can't wait to read your review for some of those.

    Happy reading!

    If you want to know what I got in my mailbox this week, check out my blog here-

    Merry Christmas!
    Gabrielle Carolina

  16. Fantastic books this week. I can't wait to read Rosebush. Drought also looks great, I really need to read Candor. Happy Reading!

  17. Awesome IMM! I so can't wait to get my hands on Rosebush,

    Happy reading! =)

  18. You've got some great books! I loved Last Sacrifice; Happy reading :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox

    Mia @GrippedintoBooks

  19. Great books this week! I really want to read THE LOST SAINT! Enjoy it!

    Have a look what I got this week! Happy reading!

  20. Books and Make, what a great week. Happy Reading. Check out what I got In My Mailbox.

  21. Wow, love your IMM! All the Lipstick Laws swag is awesome <3

  22. I hope you enjoy all of the books you received this week!

    Happy Reading,
    Zakiya - My IMM is here

  23. Nice books! It seems like everyone has goten Last Sacrifice this week. I really need to catch up with the series. Hope you enjoy all your books!

  24. Cool books! I think Will Work For Prom Dress sounds really fun.
    My IMM is here: The Book Bundle

  25. Elixir was sweet :)

    Love the cover for Drought, seem intriguing. Hope you enjoy all your books. Happy Reading XD

  26. Great new reads!!

    I LOVE ELF cosmetics!

    Happy reading!


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