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As part of Amanda Ashby's Teen Book Scene tour for Fairy Bad Day, I have a guest post by Amanda to share with you all today. So without a further ado...


My Question:

In Fairy Bad Day the characters are each assigned a specfic area of slaying, so what exactely are all the different areas of slaying involved? In addition, which area would you pick if you were given the chance to? Why?

Amanda's Response:
Oh, great question!!!!! According to Sir Francis and his famous handbook, A Complete and Utter Reference to the Vile and Evil Creatures that have Spewed Forth from the Gate of Linaria and How they Shall be Slain—In Three Volumes (which, by the way is a lot catchier in the original Latin) there are twelve different elemental creatures.

The fire elementals are salamanders, dragons and phoenixes

The earth elementals are goblins, demons and ogres

The sky elementals are fairies, elves and griffins

The water elementals are selkies, sirens and krackens.

Anyway, while Emma longs to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a dragon slayer, I think if I had to choose one, I would prefer to fight an earth elemental like a goblin or an ogre. Sure you need to be strong and fit to slay them but at least they can’t burn you like the fire elementals and your skin doesn’t get all water logged, like when you’re slaying water elementals, oh and you definitely can’t get glamoured like with the sky elementals.

On the downside, fighting earth elementals does involve a lot of running since ogres are mighty fond of throwing heaving objects such as trees at people, and if you’ve ever been hit by an ogre-thrown tree, you’ll know that it’s not something you want to happen on a regular basis. In fact, now that I think about it ogres also like to eat your eyeballs if they catch you, which really doesn’t sound very nice, so I’m starting to think that I maybe I should just fail all of my slaying exams and then I could stay home where it is nice and safe!!!!! Plus, despite the fancy footwear Emma is wearing on the cover of Fairy Bad Day, everyone knows that you can't fight elementals in heels and I'm not so sure that I'm a big fan of sensible shoes!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Amanda, and I have to agree that while fighting ogres would be fun, there would be plenty of downsides as well. :)

To find out more about Fairy Bad Day and Amanda, be sure to check out her website here.

This tour is also a scavenger hunt. Be sure to visit each of the stops on the blog tour and collect the bolded letter at the bottom of the post. On June 25th, you will have the opportunity to enter the word you created from the mixed up letters on Amanda's blog (http://amandaashby.blogspot.com/) to win a fun prize pack. The pack includes a signed copy of Fairy Bad Day, some candy, and cute cell phone charms.

My letter is S

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  1. Great guest post! I can't wait to read Fairy Bad Day :)


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