Review: Slide by Jill Hathaway

Summary/Cover Image from Publisher's Website:
She sees through the eyes of a killer 

Vee Bell hates having narcolepsy. But collapsing at school is nowhere near as bad as the truth. When Vee passes out she slides randomly into other’s people’s heads and ends up seeing through their eyes. So when Vee finds herself in the head of a killer, standing over the body of a cheerleader, she’s beyond freaked.Vee knows that this was no suicide. And when another cheerleader turns up dead, everyone is a suspect. Struggling to understand her terrifying and unwanted ‘gift’, Vee is tangled in a web of secrets, lies and danger…

Slide is yet another one of those 2012 books I have been dying to read because the plot and premise sound amazing. Mystery with a touch of paranormal? Count me in for sure! Luckily, Slide by Jill Hathaway was a rock star debut, because not only did it provide an electrifying and nail-biting mystery, but it also introduced characters I came to love and writing that truly captured the feelings of the story and the characters.

When Vee first started fainting during class, the doctors as well as her family and friends summed it up as narcolepsy. However, Vee knows it is more than just that, because when she faints, she ends up sliding into other people’s minds and feeling their emotions and thoughts. She cannot tell anyone this, though, or they will think she is crazy or worse yet, she will end up in a mental ward. Everything changes when Vee slides into the mind of a murder and sees one of sister’s best friends be murdered. Not knowing what to do, Vee embarks on a mission to find out who the murder is. Nevertheless, will she find out before he or she strikes again? Only time and more pages can tell!

Vee was a character I liked from the start. She was unique and sarcastic. Sometimes I did wish she would be more open about her “sliding” but I could understand why she was that way. In addition, it ended up adding a lot more drama to the story that way. One of my favorite parts of her character, though, was seeing her discover more about her abilities, because it provided some internal drama and character development. I also enjoyed seeing more about her friends and family. Rollins was probably my favorite secondary character, though. It was easy to see how much he cared for Vee, and given the development that occurred with his character throughout the book, I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the sequel.

It is no secret that I love a good mystery, and as it happens, Slide contained just that. From the first time the murder was introduced, I was instantly hooked. All the twists and turns that arose constantly kept me on the edge of my seat, trying to form my own conclusion of who did and what their motives were. However, I always managed to be surprised. I also enjoyed how Jill Hathaway also introduced some family drama in this one as well. It added more to the story, and truly made it even more suspenseful and addicting.

Lastly, I have to add that I really enjoyed Jill’s writing in this one! She managed to present a fresh and vivid mystery as well as really dig into her characters and their feelings. Moreover, it did not hurt that she made this one creepy yet in a way that really managed to hook me to the story.

Fast paced, enthralling, and shocking, Slide by Jill Hathaway is well worth a read!

Grade: A-

Slide (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads) will be released March 27, 2012! 

Source: Publisher via Netgalley (Thanks HarperTeen!)

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  1. Hi Lauren
    Fantastic reveiw! I love good mysteries and this one sounds just like that. I like how Vee's special power is very unique.

  2. i actually needed a full summary my friend had the book all over my school break and she was in LOndon it was for my bookclub and now im screwed!


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