On Hiatus Until June 11th

If you haven't noticed I've haven't been posting much since April, and that's been for a variety of reasons...school's winding down, finals are coming up soon, real life, etc. Anyhow, I haven't had much time to dedicate to blogging recently, so I'm going on an official hiatus until the week of June 11th, which is the first week of my summer vacation. :) I won't be posting or replying to emails until then (unless something urgent arises). So don't miss me too much in my absence, and I promise once summer comes, I'll be around a lot more.


  1. Good luck with school and enjoy your break from the blog :)

  2. Gah, finals; though I would suffer through them again myself in exchange for having the summer off. :

    Good luck and good idea to take a break from blogging!

  3. Enjoy your break, Lauren. I'd rather be going into Summer like you are, than going into winter like we are here.


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