Thanks to Netflix (#1)

I had never been a big TV person. Don't get me wrong, I had some favorites (Gilmore Girls, Friends, Modern Family, etc.) that I watched when I was bored but I hadn't been really committed to a TV show in a long time. That all change, though, when my family decided to subscribe to Netflix this summer. I started to try out a bunch of TV shows (as well as movies) and today, I thought I would take a break from blogging about books and instead blog about some of my current fav TV shows....therefore introducing my new feature Thanks to Netflix...posts where I talk about what shows I'm currently hooked on thanks to Netflix!


Desperate Housewives 

Currently on Season 7, Episode 15

Whenever someone asks me what I did all summer (side note: I hate that question because I never know what to really say besides "sat around and basically did nothing" and I never really feel like that's the appropriate answer) I automatically say watched almost seven seasons of Desperate Housewives. To tell the truth, prior to watching this show, I'd always made fun of it. It seemed so silly and soap opera-ish, but I gave in this summer and watched episode 1 which lead to me watching episode 2 and so on... now, I'm basically hooked! This show is like on those guilty pleasure YA series I love (like Gossip Girl) but actually really well written and executed as well as laugh out loud funny at times. I love all the girls in DH...I really feel like all of them represent a different stereotypes of women that really any woman (no matter how young or how old) can relate to. My favorite character, though, would have to be Edie, which made season 5 oh so traumatically sad for me...I admit, I did cry. Plus I adore Gaby and Bree. What makes this show oh-so addictive, though, was the plot twists and lines...every season and episode is scandalous and well crafted, and while I do prefer some story lines over others, I'm never ever bored when watching DH. I'm currently slowly going through season 7, because (1) season 8 isn't up yet and (2) I know I'm going to be super sad when I'm officially done with it. 

In all, if you haven't watched this series, I so suggest you give it a try! It's really good...trust me! 

How I Met Your Mother 

Currently on Season 2, Episode 6 

I have been hearing good things about about this series for a long time, but I never had the chance to really start it because by the time I wanted to watch it was already up to like season 7. However, with Netflix I was finally able to give it a go, and just as I predicted, I LOVE it! As mentioned above, I'm a huge fan of Friends, and I'm always on the look out for more Friends like shows, and How I Met Your Mother is the closest I've ever found. If you don't know, it's a half hour comedy show about the lives of five friends living in NYC with the overall story focusing on how Ted (one of the MCs) met his future wife/mother of his children. It's such a funny show...seriously I laugh nearly the whole time I watching it! And it has its emotional and sweet moments as well. The part that makes this show so awesome, though, is Barney...oh my god, do I LOVE  that guy! He's so obnoxiousness and full of himself but at the same time, laugh out loud hilarious and Neil Patrick Harris does such an amazing job as him! Definitely a new favorite of mine overall! 

Arrested Development

Currently on Season 1, Episode 6  

A lot of people seemed to love this show when it was on air (enough that they inspired the people involved to make another season exclusively for Netflix as well as plans for a future movie) but I never had taken the time to watch an episode of it until recently. It's a hilarious show...different than HIMYM though for sure. It's more of a bizarre/"Oh my goodness, is this really happening?!" type show. The main characters are insane but still hilarious, and I love seeing Michael Cera in this...I loved Juno so it's fun to see this is where he got his start. :)


So do you enjoy any of the shows I talked about above? Let me know below in the comment section! And feel free to leave any recs! :)  

Last but not least...look out for another Thanks to Netflix post coming soon! 


  1. I love Netflix instant for being able to watch tv shows! I watch a lot of shows actually on tv, but I've watched all of Lost and How I Met Your Mother (I'm sad season 7 isn't up yet) on Netflix. Now I'm watching season 1 of Supernatural because I started watching it in the middle of the series.

  2. I love NETFLIX. In addition to streaming, I used to be on their 1 DVD plan. Then they went and separated the 2 and almost doubled the price :( Anyway, we plan to subscribe to Hulu+ and maybe Amazon Prime and discontinue cable. We had cable mostly for my Int'l chanhick which I now watch online.

    I think this is a great idea for a feature. I've been wanting to watch DH and HIMYM for a long time too but i was so far behind. Other shows I want to to catch up on amongst many:

    . The Good Mother -- heard good things
    . Gossip Girl -- watched and loved Season 1
    . Sex & The City

  3. We watched all of Desperate on Hulu Plus ($8/month), they have all 8 seasons up, and we find them to have a better variety, and quicker update. They release shows the day after they air....and same price.

  4. Omigosh, Arrested Development is my favorite show EVER! So funny!


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