Review: The Prelude by KaSonndra Leigh

Summary/Cover Image from Goodreads:
After finishing design school six months ago, Erin Angelo left her tragic past behind in the States and started a new life in Milan, Italy. Burying the grief, silencing her demons, and living a life without any real attachments has worked well for her so far. But when Erin secures her first real job as a budding clothing designer, her controlled world is shaken to its core by the mysteriously sexy director of the local symphony.

Alek Dostov is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s successful, hot, the son of a millionaire, and women all over the world flock to see one of his performances. For Alek, Erin represents the ultimate challenge: sexy, smart, and unaffected by his charms…or so she thinks. Just like Erin, Alek avoids attachments that leave him emotionally vulnerable. But unlike Erin, his pursuit of all things pleasurable is ruthless.

Knowing how wary they both are concerning any kind of committed relationship, Alek finds a way to pursue Erin, satisfying the intense attraction between them without sacrificing the freedom they both enjoy. Sometimes the deepest passion brings out the darkest emotions. And Erin finds herself completely unprepared for the forbidden world of the young maestro and his truths and even his secrets, as she struggles to deal with her own.

Music, passion, betrayal and forbidden love spun together in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

When I was first offered the chance to read and review The Prelude, I instantly said yes, because not only did I love the exotic setting, but also I was curious to see how music and fashion design would play into the novel. Unfortunately, I didn't end up enjoying The Prelude as much as I had hoped I would.

The Prelude begins the story of Erin and Alek, two twenty-somethings trying to make lives for themselves in Milan, Italy. For rising fashion designer Erin the chance to work on Alek's show is a sure way to score some major points in the fashion world. She wasn't anticipating, though, how gorgeous he would be or how she'd feel an instant pull towards him. As someone who has sworn off boys and love in general, this is a major problem. Alek, though, knows there's something special about Erin, and he's not going to give up anytime soon, no matter how much she tries to pull away. Will she fall to his advances, or will time run out for both of them when their pasts, something they've both tried such hard to run from, coming flying back at them?

In order for me to like a novel, I have to feel a connection to the main characters. It doesn't necessarily have to be like or respect. I've had cases where I've loved a book but hated the main character. However, I just need to feel something towards them. However, in the case of Erin and Alek, this just wasn't possible, and I'm not sure why. They were good enough people. They had interesting pasts and interests, but when it came to caring about them, there just wasn't anything there. I didn't really care about what happened to them, no matter good or bad, and that led to me to feel detached from the story for the majority of The Prelude.

However, I did enjoy the plot of this book for the most part. It was fun to see Milan, Italy come to life within the pages, and I liked the focus on fashion and music, especially when dire consequences arose because of it. The character's pasts and secrets also created some great tension. The romance between Erin and Alek, the main focus of the plot, though left something to be desired, in my opinion. It just seemed to be so stereotypical. I've seen the set up so many times before....Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy but refuses to get involved. Boy still pursued girl heatedly. BIG SECRET THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING. Happily Ever After?? Normally, I don't care, because something else makes the story special in my eyes (the characters, for example) but for this one, there was no big spark that held my interest throughout, sadly enough.

In all, The Prelude wasn't my cup of tea for a variety of reasons. However, I've seen other cases where readers loved it, so maybe you'll see something I didn't and end up loving it....

Grade: C

The Prelude (Amazon, BN, Goodreads) is now out!

Source: ARC provided by author's review coordinator for review 

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  1. I know this is a little snobby, but I really don't like the cover :( I also don't like when I feel detached from the story because I couldn't connect with the characters. Great review!


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