Where I've Been and Looking Towards the Future

Hey everyone!

Long time no post, right? It's crazy to think that I haven't had anything up since SEPTEMBER, but as it usually goes, life got in the way. I started college at the end of August, and you know how everyone says you don't have time to read anything BUT books required for class? Well, that ended up being completely true for me first semester of college. I was unfortunately knees deep in books for my intro to lit class as well as my honors course, and when I wasn't busy with those classes and my other ones, I was busy with a plethora of other things. 

However, that isn't to say that I didn't miss you all and the blogging world, because I certainly did. I think starting college and being so busy made me really realize that blogging still is something I want in my life, and that's why I decided that this semester I'm going to try my best to post something once a week (and if not that than at least every other week). It's not going to be the way it was (nor will it probably ever be). As of now, I'm not going to be participating in tours, or accepting 99.99% of books for review (most likely I'll be saying no to all future review requests for the time being...I already have so many I need to catch up on in my pile). This is something I need to do on my own time table, without making promises to anyone else. I let so many promises fall to the wayside with the start of the school year, and I don't want that happening again. 

Basically, I just want to read some books and get my thoughts out there about them. Plus, I want to get caught up in the literary world. I'm so beyond on what's new out there...are there any releases I need to check out ASAP? Let me know! I'm in desperate need of suggestions! :) 

So hopefully this is the first post in a series of new one *fingers crossed* 

Until next time,


PS) Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday season, and happy new year! 


  1. Started college! How exciting. I was a Lit Major, so I know what it means to be buried it books. I think that's why I stayed away from anything "literary" when I graduated because it always felt like I was reading to write a paper afterward. I guess, in some ways, blogging is like that but without a pass/fail grade attached to it. I'm so glad you're going back to the building blocks of blogging: reading and posting your thoughts. Best of luck on whatever you have planned for the future, Lauren!

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  3. Happy new year - hope you're loving college so far!

  4. Congratulations on being a college freshman, and hope you've been doing well! Let me join you; I've been buried under all my course readings too -sob- I also decided to come back to blogging, but realized I'm so behind and out of it LOL. Glad you've decided to come back though!! You're the very first book blog I ever stumbled upon, and the one to inspire me into this book blogging community in the first place, so you're super special! <3 Happy new year, and all the best for 2015!


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