Review: Time Next (The Time Zero Trilogy, Book 2) by Carolyn Cohagan

Time Next (The Time Zero Trilogy, Book 2) by Carolyn Cohagan
Release Date: March 16, 2018
Publisher: Girls with Pens
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian
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Mina's adventure continues in this sequel to the award-winning Time Zero. In book one, Mina and her friends narrowly escaped fundamentalist-ruled Manhattan. Now, they've been taken in by the Unbound, a modern community that wants to shelter and care for them. Mina, however, becomes increasingly nervous as she and her friends are forced apart, and she's asked to alter her clothing, behavior, and even her faith. As she struggles to hold onto her identity, she also grapples with her secrets, even as the Unbound endeavor to discover each and every one.

Last year I read Time Zero, the prequel to Time Next. While it wasn't my favorite book in the world, I found it to be an enjoyable, eye opening read, and I was curious to see how the story would continue. 

As it turns out, Time Next blew Time Zero right out of the water! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. The plot was enthralling and fast paced; the characters were interesting and well developed; and once again Carolyn Cohagan brought about a lot of important questions relating to women and society. 

Time Next picks up right where Time Zero leaves off. Mina has escaped Manhattan with her friends; however, instead of being free she's found herself in an entire new society, one filled with its own set of rules and beliefs. 

I had a hard time of remembering exactly what had happened in the first book, but as the story continued and Carolyn gave brief reminders of previous events, it became incredibly easy to follow along. 

In Time Next, Carolyn did an incredible job of of developing the new world. I was slightly worried about leaving Manhattan. I wondered if the new setting would be as interesting, but the Unbound territory was full of excitement, intrigue, and suspense. At first, it seemed a lot better than Manhattan. The rules weren't as strict, the people seemed happy, and the leader seemed young and willing to help; however, nothing was nearly as perfect as it seemed. My favorite part of the new world, however, was the surplus of food for thought it brought along with it. It was interesting to see how the Unbound found themselves to be "better" than the people of Manhattan, but in reality they did the same things they so strongly spoke out about only via different methods. It was also fascinating to see the world through Mina's eyes. In the first book, Mina's so convinced that the outside world will be so much better, but in Time Next she realizes that maybe there were good parts to her world, that maybe there never can be a perfect society. I appreciated that nothing was cut and dry, that Carolyn made Mina's journey three dimensional and perfectly imperfect. I feel that this series would be such a great book club pick. There's just so much to discuss, especially in today's climate. 

In the first book I wasn't the biggest fan of Mina; however, she truly grew on me this time around. I loved seeing her become more independent, more willing to risk everything to get what she wanted. She's a smart, resourceful girl, and it became incredibly evident in this. I also liked that Mina was willing to help others, that she tried to open herself up to new environments and new people, no matter how much they scared or intimidated her. I witnessed so much progress in this, and I couldn't have been prouder. I also enjoyed the new characters introduced. Carolyn truly had a unique bunch. Some were evil, some were nice, and some were unreadable; however, each brought something interesting to the table. The two Mina teams up with as the book continued, however, were my favorites. I look forward to seeing their dynamic evolve as the series continues. 

My only compliant? I wish there had been more romance; however, it wasn't the biggest problem in the world. 

Overall, Time Next was a fantastic follow-up. Full of action as well as suspense, Time Next offers up an enthralling adventure as well as a thought provoking story. I can't wait for book #3! 

4 stars!!

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