Shelter Me by Alex Mcaulay


Maggie Leigh just wants to be a normal teenager, but when German bombs tear apart London during World War II, her ultra-religious mother sees the destruction as divine punishment. She sends Maggie to a remote boarding school in coastal Wales, supposedly to keep her safe, but also to keep her in line. The school is creepy, the headmistress is a lunatic, and the students range from spoiled rich girls to speechless trauma victims. But when a tragic accident happens on the beach, Maggie and three friends are forced to flee the school, plunging into the nightmarish world of Europe during wartime. Now every decision Maggie makes is fraught with danger, and living to see another day depends on how quickly she can think and act...and how far she's willing to go. (from Amazon.com)


I really enjoy historical fiction. So, when I was offered the chance to review Shelter Me, I happily obliged. I'm so glad I did, too!

Shelter Me was an amazing book that had me sitting on the edge of my chair the whole time. I loved the mix of historical fiction, one crazy boarding school, and a scary and creepy journey to escape evil. Alex Mcaulay's writing excellent in the sense that I could feel what Maggie was going through and it was really descriptive. Also, I really liked the plot and world he developed. I was constantly wondering if Maggie and her friends would escape and be free. Though, every time that I thought they were going to, there was a new twist added that complicated things further. The last chapter was just an all around wow. I seriously couldn't believe what I was reading. I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil it.

The only problem I had with Shelter Me was how long the chapters were. They typically went on for around 40 pages and than ended with a big bang which made this book so hard to put down. Though, in the end that's probably a good thing.

Overall, I LOVED this book. I hope to read Alex's previous books soon. I suggest this book to historical fiction fans or anyone looking for a scary and excellent read.

Grade: A+


  1. I think I'll have to read this one

  2. I want to read this one. It sounds really intersting! The girl on the cover looks like Whitney on The Hills/The City.

  3. I reviewed this today too. I loved it!

  4. Awesome!!! I really want to read it as well. It sounds amazing.


  5. hey! I dont know if Laura emailed you...but you won the contest for the copy of PRADA & PREJUDIC!!


    THanks for your entry.

  6. Hmm. I'm reading this now and it hasn't really hooked me that much. I actually put it down to start a new book but I'll have to pick it up.


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