Do You Know What Day It Is?

It's Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf's one year anniversary and I simply can't believe it! It has been exactly one year since I began the whole reviewing game.

So, to revisit the last year of blogging I've put together a list of firsts.

Lauren's Year of Firsts in Having a Book Blog:

On May 28th, one year ago, I posted this as my first ever post:

"I seen a lot of people start blogs. So, I decided to get one to but make it consist mostly of stuff relating to Young Adult Literature. I'll probably post at least 3 times a week during the summer but less during the school year. ~ Lauren"

Great post, right? Lol, I was so naive then, thinking that I would post less then 3 times a week. Pssh, now I post about 4 or 5 times a week.

My first review was of The Carlyles : A Gossip Girl Novel which was posted on June 2nd, 2008. Wow, what a long time ago.

I got my first ever comment form Steph of Reviewer X, who was an awesome person to get a first comment from. Here's what she said:

"I wouldn't necessarily call Stephenie Meyer one of the best storytellers of our times, haha, but she's certainly got her talent for making people fall head over heels in love with her stuff.

Thanks for adding my link to your sidebar! You're a star. I'm adding you to mine, too. Keeping an eye out for your reviews as well ;) Steph"

I completely agree with her now that I have read a bunch of different types of books. lol. Anyway, I do actually think Steph was the first person to ever check out my blog, just so you all know. :)

On August 14, I got my first comment from a real Young Adult author that goes by the name Melissa Walker! Here's her comment on my review of Undone by Brooke Taylor:

"ooh, i can't wait to read this one!"

On December 7th, I shared with you all the books I had a gotten from a Jillian at Penguin to review. They were my first actual ARCs, which I think is pretty cool.

On December 22, I reviewed first ARC, Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag.

On January 12, I had my first ever author interview with Nancy Werlin.

On February 5th, I held my first ever contest.

So there you have it my official lists of firsts!

Moving on, I have planned an amazing week filled with a handful of contests. So, I hope you will join me on Monday when I kick it off. Lastly, if you are an author and want to get your book in the mix just send me a quick email. :)

Side Note: I'm thinking of doing a biography like thing about me consisting of questions. So, if you have any, please leave them below in the comments or email them to me.


  1. Great post! Happy anniversary! :)

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I didn't realize that it was a anniversary here today but all the better, because I have a little something for you.

  3. So many great firsts! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!! That's Awesome.

  6. Happy blog anniversary!!! I really like this post. It's cool to see how it all started. =D

  7. That's cool :) Happy anniversary!

  8. Wooot, congrats on your blogoversary! That list of firsts is very fun. Glad it's been a great year for you!

  9. Hey! Congratulations! Thats so cool that you posted and remembered all of that stuff!

    Haha, by the way, your first review was on my birthday!!


  10. Great post! Happy anniversary - I liked hearing the milestones over the year. You're really funny!

  11. Happy anniversary! I love your list of firsts!


  13. Yay! Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work.

  14. happy blogoversary!
    I adore your blog and layout :)

    what was the first book you remember reading? :)

  15. Ohh happy anniversary. I like the list of firsts. It's probably crazy to think back on, huh? lol

    Anyway, a question...

    -what are your other non-reading hobbies?
    -do you personally aspire to be an author?
    -what do you want to be when you grow up?
    -if you could meet and have lunch with three authors (dead or alive) who would they be and why?


  16. Happy Anniversary!

    Hmm ... What kind of picture/graphic cover attracts you to a book the most.

    Ex. A painting, a picture of what the main character would look like, etc.

  17. Happy Blogoversary! That's a pretty impressive list of firsts - especially the interview with Nancy Werlin!

  18. Just wanted to share an award


  19. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! Your blog is such a baby! (: LOL, I love it! Keep it up!

  20. Congrats on making it through another year! I hope I can keep my blog up that long. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow a whole year, that's amazing. and what exciting 'firsts!'. great post thanks for sharing. :)

  22. happy blogoversary! here's a cheer for another good year!

  23. Happy anniversary! I'm happy to have been your first comment ever - that's so cool! :D



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