Undone by Brooke Taylor

When Kori Kitzler tells Serena Moore that there are more alike than they think Serena is startled since they are nothing alike. Kori is the “dark angel” of her school because of her being dark, mysterious, and beautiful, while Serena is smart because of her being considered a “gamer” and being preppy and semi boring. Even though they have differences in there looks and behavior, they are best friends from that day in eighth grade in on. Leaving Serena to always wonder in the back of her head why a girl like Kori would want to be friends with her?

Then comes a traumatic night which ends in dreadful consequences . Suddenly, Serena is all by herself wondering what would have made anyone up there to take Kori away from her forever. All Serena wants to do is be with her again but every way of them being together would be too painful for Serena. So when Serena is going through Kori’s belongs one day she finds an old assignment they did which was the five ways they would tempt fate, Serena decides to finish the things Kori couldn't . Some of them are easy like getting a tattoo and singing with the band Blender Value but the other three are more difficult. One is confront D, the other is to talk to someone named Shay and last one being the most confusing of all: tell Serene. What couldn't Kori tell her wonders Serena though as she begins to cross of items from the list, the secrets Kori left start to come forward. With the secrets out Serena wonders how she can tell all the people who care about her and not loose them all.

Undone was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It captures you form the first page not letting you go to the final word. The friendship between Kori and Serena is unbreakable and admirable. Also, the five ways that Kori would tempt fate kept me interested to the end because of the secrets Kori left behind to come out. When all them came out I felt sad for Kori because of the awful situation she had to face basically alone. I also felt bad for Serena who always thought her father would turn out to be a wonderful guy but really turn out to be a jerk. Undone tale of losing and letting go with some secrets left to be found which made this a enjoyable read. I can’t wait to see what Brooke Taylor will come up with next!

If you haven’t read this book yet I suggest you go buy it or get at the library because it is seriously awesome!



  1. I've only heard great things about this book and I hope I can get a copy soon.

  2. ooh, i can't wait to read this one!

  3. This book looks very interesting, just one question, is this a Christian Book?

  4. Emily- Thanks for leaving a comment on the review! As for your question, no it isn't a Christian book.


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