Kitty Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Everything in Jas’s life had been going just fine. She has a hot new boyfriend and she was going to be starting her senior year at high school with her best friends Roxy, Polly, and Tom. Though all things in Jas life can’t go perfect, she is starting to see, when a day before school starts her dad and step mom announce they are moving to Venice, Italy for a couple of months because her dad wants to work on a book about soap or so they say. Since one night when Jas went by their room she heard them talking about how maybe she wouldn’t get in so much trouble with solving crimes if they lived in Venice. Jas decides she can’t do any murder solving like last time when she was in Vegas because doing that she well get home faster.

As the weeks go and come in Italy, Jas discovers she likes it there. Since, she has discovered they have awesome food including all the pizza and gelato she can eat and she has made a cool new friend named Arbella. Though, Jas can try not to look for murder but murder can find her because when Arbellla is murdered she doesn’t have a choice not to find the murder, right? As, she beings finding more about her friend like she is the child of a famous billionaire who mysteriously died in his locked office and Arbella leaves behind clues saying she was being followed by someone she could never catch. Jas starts to think this is true when she begins to have someone following her and knocking her out whenever she gets closes to solving the mystery. Soon she is involved in this murder with her friends Polly, Tom, and Roxy who have came to help her out and of course the evil trenches who now have faire names.

Kitty Kitty has most of the things people look for in books such as romance, a mysterious crime and funny, relatable characters. Jas in this book is as funny as ever with the hilarious things she gets involved in such as getting herself arrested which was one of the funniest things in the book. Also, Polly, Tom, and Roxy add to Jas’s humor by their side conversations which Michele Jaffe puts in side notes. The crime in Kitty Kitty was better than Bad Kitty since it kept me wondering what would happen next and how each person was murdered unlike Bad Kitty which mystery I figured out in the middle. Also, I thought Ms. Jaffe gave a awesome description of Venice while not going overboard. Overall, Michele Jaffe is back as funny as ever in a equally excellent installment compared to Bad Kitty. I truly hope she will continue with a third book about Jas and her friends.



  1. I STILL haven't read Bad Kitty. But after reading this review, I want to get it and then read this one. :]

  2. I love these books! The first one was still my fave, but I love how everything makes sense and works out in the end. I LOVE MICHELE JAFFE AND HER WRITING!


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