The Year Nick McGowan Came To Stay by Rebecca Sparrow

Rachel Hill is one of the smartest girls in her class and is always described as being pretty nice, pretty smart, or just pretty. Never the girl to be called compelling or striking like her best friend Zoë. All she wants to do in her last year of High School is get good grades and win the Party Hostess at the Restaurant she works at.

Then Nick McGowan comes to live at Rachel's house for a semester and suddenly nothings in control. Rachel sees this happening as a way for her under control life to go askew but Rachel's BFF, Zoe, sees Nick McGowan as a possible boyfriend for Rachel. Rachel is against this idea thinking Nick McGowan is nothing but trouble after hearing the many nasty rumours about him. For example that he tried to commit suicide the previous summer. Though if Rachel thinks he's trouble then why does she get butterflies in her stomach everytime she sees him and tries to like the things he enjoys like the Ramones? It's because even though she tries not to she falls under his charm. Though when they get off on the wrong foot and everything is ruined on her trying to get him to like her after he thinks she's a stuck up brat. She begins to wonder if he will ever like her.

I first found this book when I was on Amazon one day a couple of mounts and when I read this summary of this book I thought it would be a typical Teen Romance book. So, when I saw it at the library this week I thought I would give it a try and see what if I liked it or not. I am now glad that I did because this book was so funny and thought out. I loved the conversations between Rachel and Zoë and the embarrassing things that happened when Rachel was with Nick. The Year Nick McGowan come is a must read for the summer, I think. I loved the message of this book was a good one to because it showed that you shouldn't always believe what you her about other people because most of the time it's wrong. The only problem I had with this book that was it took place in '89 and with the most of the references Rebecca made I didn't really understand. Anyway, I can not wait to read more by Rebecca Sparrow.
4/5 stars


  1. sounds like a good read.

  2. I had the same problems with the time setting. Other than that it was a fun read.


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